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The Big Sleep: 1955

The Big Sleep: 1955

        A huge chunk of Shorpy is devoted to Member Photos. tterrace, Principal Panjandrum of the Shorpy Department of Comments and User Submissions, has contributed dozens over the years. Herewith we present his latest, from 1955.

It's February 1955, and as I, their delightful little brother, slumber peacefully, one of my sneaky siblings takes this photo. They did this a number of times, always finding great amusement in contrasting the uncharacteristic serenity I exhibited in my sleeping vs. waking state. Ha ha. View full size.

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Today’s Top 5

Fun Pajamas

I can see a guitar and rope on the pajamas. What else decorated them? Maybe a cowboy theme, with some horses and guns?

[Cowboy-themed PJs at this point in my life is highly plausible. -tterrace]


Even in your sleep you have that trouble look. I really don't see serenity. I see sleeping trouble.

I would have loved that wallpaper as a kid in that day and age. Unfortunately, growing up overseas, we did not have access to it.

Changed my mind

Now I want a pair of Kermy's striped chairs and several rolls of that wallpaper, please. And someone to put it on my bedroom wall for me.

And that's all I need.

My wallpaper

In color.

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