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A Lawn, Alas: 1957

A Lawn, Alas: 1957

Los Angeles, 1957. "Trailer Life model." A model just waiting to get hitched? 5x7 acetate negative by Watson from the News Photo Archive. View full size.


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Implementing the Implements

Please sweep these rakish comments off the edger.

Homemade Headgear?

No comments on her headgear?

I'm old enough to remember the 50's and don't remember ever seeing a dried grass hat like she has.

Did she weave her own headgear from the dried grass she cut?

Two of many reasons

I love this website.

Edgy Comment

We have one of those useless wheel edgers the model is holding in our garage - I am NOT allowed to throw it away - it might come in handy someday!

Sparkly mules

Like that's how ALL of our mothers dressed to cut the lawn. Mine usually had rollers in her hair and a floral housecoat on.

Edging Her Way To Stardom

In the fifties when I was mowing lawns for the neighbors, I put many a mile on one of those edgers, which as the lass is showing us, would clog easily with grass and soil and had to be picked out by hand. Those were much simpler days.

Push Mower

Modern push mowers are designed not to lock up on tall or tough grass, but rather rise up and cut higher. This makes using a modern push mower pleasant and easy but leaves clumps of tall or tough grass.

The 50s version just locked up and skidded the wheels in that situation, which made it annoying to use.

I've tried both. I now cut the lawn with a scythe, which doesn't care whether the grass is tall or short.

Double Entendre

Very clever Dave. Trailer! Model! Get hitched! Hah!

Not a Yawn

in the house for the Lass though.

Hubba hubba

I'll let the wife choose the pool boy as long as I can choose the gardener.

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