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Eggstravaganza: 1972

Eggstravaganza: 1972

My niece and nephews were coming down for an Easter egg hunt, so that gave my brother, his wife and me an excuse to color some eggs for the first time since our own childhood. I made a caricature of my brother, another that was supposed to look like the Western Hemisphere, and at the bottom center in a sort of holiday mashup, an homage to one of our favorite vintage Christmas tree ornaments. The brown ones were made via the traditional onion skin method and some forgotten arcane process produced the blue-and-white mottled jobs. Paste-on printed features from an egg-dyeing kit are on two, and two more are named for their creators. All posed against the lawn at the family home in Idyllic Larkspur™, California and immortalized by me with this Polaroid snapshot. View full size.

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Could be Paas

Thank you Tterrace, this rang some bells and brought up a lot of memories for me.

Blue Fabric

Looks like the blotchy blue eggs were dyed with printed fabric.

Thanks, KathyRo!

I graduated high school in 1972. A severe dose of oldness is setting in this morning. Oh, well, everyone has their time. Still work, I hope (or did until April 3), still get around and I'm active in the yard and garden, still paying the mortgage. My goal in life right now is to collect Social Security starting early fall.

Definitely Paas

The Native American girl is definitely from the Paas kit; it was around long before 1972 also. The brown egg with white face is made with a clear wax crayon that also came in the Paas kit. Names are written with same crayon. Only thing missing is the little paper punch-out collars that you made into a circle and sat the egg upright in. Those kits had the little copper wire dippers that the eggs always fell out of and you either had to fish them out of the dye with your fingers or ruin one of your mom's spoons.


I think this is the most modern Shorpy picture I've ever seen! I was actually alive, although it would be a couple years before I made any Easter eggs.

Very nice.

:) I remember my childhood.

Possibly Paas?

Those stick-on features look so familiar. We always had Paas egg-decorating kits, so I suspect that's where your printed facial features came from.

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