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Model Tee: 1928

Model Tee: 1928

San Francisco, 1928. "Essex Super Six sedan at golf course." Topping the Shorpy Leaderboard of Fairway Phaetons. Glass negative by Chris Helin. View full size.


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Grandmother and her best friend

My "Aunt" Polly (my grandmother's lifelong best friend from childhood) had a 1922 Essex, a rare one in that it did not have electric headlights; instead, kerosene lanterns were mounted where the headlamps would have been (my guess is that electric headlamps were optional in 1922 and the lanterns were aftermarket). The car was regularly trotted out at big family get-togethers as late as the late 1980s, where folks would be allowed a ride around the block in the Essex. However, the favorite passtime of the two ladies was golf, something they would do nearly every day they were together when my grandmother came back up to "home" here in Hampton Roads from her place in Fort Lauderdale.

The year of this car is different, there's a third woman where there would only sometimes have been a third (Ann), and 1928 would have been slightly too early for the duo or trio by 5-10 years, but the spirit of this picture captures the duo.

Thanks for posting this picture Dave! It brings back fun memories of my grandmother and "Aunt" Polly.

Clocks on socks

Decorations on stockings or socks were called clocks. I like the clocks - stripes - on the stockings worn by the woman on the left. This could almost be an advertisement for golf clubs or the car, or for the women's sportswear.

Golfers' poses

Much as I enjoy seeing these women animatedly chatting as they lounge with their clubs, especially with a splendid car right out on the course, I would much rather see them in mid-swing. So many lounging golfers in ancient pix, but are there any of people actually playing?

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