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The Corduroy Kid: 1941

The Corduroy Kid: 1941

December 1941. "New York, New York. Children playing in Washington Square." Photo by Edwin Rosskam for the Office of War Information. View full size.


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We wore those metal plates on our shoes as a fashion statement when I was in high school in St Louis in the 40's. Most had them on the toes and heels, but some had them on each side of their soles. It could make it very noisy on a terrazzo floor as well as slippery. I'll never forget walking over to the pinball machine, carrying malteds when my buddy's feet slipped and his malted landed square on his head. Very funny {for me, anyhow}

A few years before Pencey Prep

A young Holden Caulfield on the left, working on his attitude, perhaps. Good luck, kid!

The Corduroy Kid's Shoes!

It appears that The Corduroy Kid has what I believe were called Blackies, Blakies or even 'blacies' on his shoes; pronounced BLAY-KEYS.

Those were shaped pieces of metal applied to the heels and toes of shoes to prevent wear and tear to those areas of heels and toes.

I never did learn how to spell the word correctly but I remember how they sounded when walking on hard surfaces like concrete and hardwood.

See the front end of the right foot's shoe.

I believe it possible that shoes made for tap dancers had these appliances attached.

Feelin' Groovy

I believe that's Paul standing behind Art.

New York University

Looking southeast, past Garibaldi Plaza (statue), towards Broadway. The buildings on the corners on either side of the street extending beyond the park (Washington Place), both belonging to NYU, are still there, as are many others. The NYU Steinhardt Frederick Loewe Theatre is on West Fourth Street in that tall building on the right with the outlines of the gothic arches.

Bill & Ted - Retro Edition

A long way from San Dimas, for our time traveling friends: Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted "Theodore" Logan. Judging from the look on their faces, this must have been one of their earliest, and most excellent adventures!

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