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Bus Stop: 1946

Bus Stop: 1946

Titusville, Pennsylvania, 1946. West Central Avenue as seen from the Archer Camera Shop, showing a newsstand, bus stop and the Orpheum Theatre. The movie playing is "Throw a Saddle on a Star," which is how I was able to date this Kodachrome slide taken by my grandfather from his camera shop that he and my grandmother owned and operated from 1929 to 1961. View full size.

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Going to have to alter that Orpheum marquee

This was two years before the "Paramount decree" antitrust case that no longer allowed movie studios to own theaters. So it wouldn't be "Warner Bros. Orpheum" for long. (Ironically, though, some theaters named directly for studios retained the names without the ownership. You still find Paramount, etc., theaters here and there.)

1946 it is.

Just checked with a family member to see if he knew the name of the camera shop employee in the other photo submission. Says he thinks it was Ann. Since he was born in 1945 and would have been several years older at the time it would be unlikely that the date would be 1943 but rather 1946 as researched and posted by two others.

Thanks for the FYI on the correct date.

Re: Dating

West Ridge Transportation Co. dates from 1946 as well.

Just Paint

How to make a bus look very sporty. I grew up in Boston, there were buses like these. If I didn't want to walk to school it was a dime to ride the "T", The name of Boston's transit system to this day. Though today I think you need a "Charlie" card to ride. Search Charlie and the T, interesting story and song.

What Make of Bus?

Does anyone recognize the make of that bus? I’m a collector of bus pics from that era but never saw one like that. It’s unusually small (25 passenger) for Yellow or GM, though it resembles them. Not Beck or Flxible.

[Below: an Aerocoach Model EF1 on a Ford chassis. Note the distinctive Aerocoach license holder on both buses. - Dave]

Shoe Hospital

Where the ER stretchers are shoe trees.

Orpheum Gone

But the Shoe Hospital building is still there, and the buildings behind the Clark Photo sign.


In case you're making Soylent Green and run out.


How did you come up with 1943 if that movie came out in 1946?

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