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Mixed Drinks: 1941

Mixed Drinks: 1941

April 1941. "Booth in Negro tavern on southside of Chicago." Medium format negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


It is a ...

Seeburg WallOmatic W5-2Z DELUXE

Table dynamics

Six seated at a table for four? It's easy to tell which two were seated originally. They look like they'd rather be anywhere else. Too bad they didn't join in on the conversation. To be fair, only two in this photo are really having fun: the flirter and the man she's chosen. Fascinated by the tie on the gentleman on the near right; it looks like a modern graphic one. What's he holding in his hand? We have a bet going on as to the answer.

[A mechanical pencil. - Dave]

Re: Enough about the jukebox already

I agree. How about the intense dynamic at the table? The woman at the right in the swoosh hat has the attention of all four men (much to the chagrin of the woman on the left). I would dearly love to know what is going on with the man offering the pen on the far right. Does he want her to sign something? Or is he just admiring the pen? Such drama! And what is that tassel-y thing in her lap? I also really like that we can see the other side of some of the people's faces in the mirror above the table.

[The most interesting dynamic is the mix of black and white patrons rubbing elbows in a "Negro tavern." - Dave]

For the Record

#10 is "Frenesi" (Artie Shaw). Enough about the jukebox already.

Re: What's playing?

#3 Please, Mr Johnson - Buddy Johnson
#5 Everything Depends on You - Earl Hines
#6 Wait Til It Happens to You - Earl Hines
#7 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - Artie Shaw
#10 Frenesi - "Art" Shaw
#11 The Man I Love - Ella Fitzgerald
#12 Maybe - Ink Spots
#13 Cocktails for Two - Spike Jones
#14 You're Looking for Romance - Ink Spots
#15 Wigwam Stomp -Tony Pastor
#18 Do I Worry - Ink Spots
#20 Summit Ridge Drive - "Art" Shaw
#21 Bugle Call Rag - (Metronome)All Stars Bands
#23 Flying Home - Lionel Hampton
#24 God Bless America - Bing Crosby

#20 : Summit Ridge Drive

#20 could imaginably be "Summit Ridge Drive," if you buy that Artie Shaw could be listed as "Art Shaw."

It's worth listening to, anway:

#7 : Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

#7 is almost certainly "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."

# 19

"Perfidia" is the song being played while Rick and Elsa are dancing in the night club scene from "Casablanca" where Elsa has learned that Victor is alive and she must leave Rick. Very subtle way to let you in on what's coming.

A few more identified

11 - The One I Love with the great Ella Fitzgerald
14 - You're Looking For Romance - The Ink Spots
23 - Flying Home - Lionel Hampton
24 - God Bless America (already noted) - Bing Crosby

"Flying Home" btw is one of the swingin'est tracks ever laid down. Go over to Youtube and give it a listen.

This jukebox badly needs a Louis Jordan selection. I would load up "Somebody Done Hoodooed the Hoodoo Man".

More choice ditties

#7:Smoke Gets in Your Eyes #8:Wait Until it Matters to You #10 Moonray (art Shaw) #13 Cocktails for Two #16 Tales from the Vienna Woods #18 Do I Worry (Ink Spots) #20 Summit Ridge Drive (Art Shaw) ie Artie Shaw #21 Bugle Call Rag

Re: What's playing?

#2 Flamingo — Duke Ellington
#3 Please, Mister Johnson — ?
#4 If I Had You — Una Mae Carlisle
#5 something by an artist named Saul — I can't make out the last name or title
#6 Wait Till It Happens to You — ?
#7 something by Artie Shaw, I can't make out the title
#12 Maybe — ?
#13 Cocktails for Two — ?
#17 It Makes No Difference Now — Bing Crosby
#19 Perfidia — Xavier Cugat
#24 God Bless America — ?

If anyone can fill in what I missed, or fill in what I've partially figured out above, that would be awesome.

A few more

2. Flamingo - Duke Ellington
3. Please, Mister Johnson - Buddy Johnson
4. If I Had You - Una Mae Carlisle
5. Everything Depends on You - Earl Hines
6. Wait 'Till It Happens to You - Earl Hines
7. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Artie Shaw
10. Stardust - Art Shaw
11. The One I Love - Ella Fitzgerald
12. Maybe - Ink Spots
13. Cocktails for Two - Tommy Dorsey
14. You're Looking for Romance - Ink Spots
17. It Makes No Difference Now - Bing Crosby
18. Do I Worry - Ink Spots
19. Perfidia - Xavier Cugat
20. Summit Ridge Drive - Art Shaw
21. Bugle Call Rag - All Star Band
23. Flying Home - Lionel Hampton
24. God Bless America - Bing Crosby


I believe #4 is "If I Had You" by Una Mae Carlisle.

I think #2 is "Flamingo," but I can't tell by whom (it was covered by a lot of artists).

More titles

2 - Flamingo; Duke Ellington
3 - Please, Mister Johnson; Buddy Johnson
7 - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
17 - It Makes No Difference; Bing Crosby
24 - God Bless America.

But I'm only 53.

Makes No Difference Now

Here are a few more:

It Makes No Difference Now - Bing Crosby
You're Looking For A Romance - Ink Spots
Do I Worry - Ink Spots
Flyin' Home - Lionel Hampton
Please Mister Johnson - Buddy Johnson

Bugle Call Rag - All Star Band (?) - possibly the Metronome All Star Band

Wait Until It Happens To You - ?
Cocktails For Two - ?
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - ?

More of the playlist

Holy cow - this is right up my alley. Looks like that hep juke is *filled* with 78's already in my stash.

In addition to Fatha Hines at #1 and Basie at #22 is, from what I can see:

#4 - "If I Had You" by Una Mae Carlisle
#5 - Another (illegible title) by Fatha Hines
#7 - Illegible title by Artie Shaw
#10 - Illegible title by Art Shaw (Artie Shaw - Brunswick, Vocalion and first 3 Bluebird 78rpm releases listed him as 'Art Shaw')
#11 - Illegible title by Ella Fitzgerald
#17 - Illegible title by Bing Crosby
#18 - "Do I (illegible)" by The Ink Spots
#19 - "Perfidia" by Xavier Cugat
#20 - "Summit Ridge Drive" by 'Art Shaw' (1940 recording on Victor by Artie Shaw and his Gramercy Five - wicked blues shuffle introducing pianist Johnny Guarnieri to the harpsichord)

#21 - "Bugle Call Rag" by - 'All Star Band' (This would've been a brand new record, as that's really the 1941 Metronome All Stars playing like freaks possessed on that recording, cut on January 16, 1941 and released on Victor 27314 - my personal copy on 78 is below. The complete personnel of that recording are:

Harry James, Ziggy Elman, Cootie Williams - trumpets
Tommy Dorsey, J.C. Higginbotham - trombones
Benny Goodman - clarinet
Toots Mondello, Benny Carter - alto saxes
Coleman Hawkins, Tex Beneke - tenor saxes
Count Basie - piano
Charlie Christian - guitar
Artie Bernstein - bass
Buddy Rich - drums

If you care to hear it, here's a link to my public Facebook posting of the squeaky clean 78 in my stash: )

#23 - "Flying Home" by Lionel Hampton (has to be the February 26, 1940 Lionel Hampton session for Victor, as the famous recording with Hampton's full big band didn't occur until May 26, 1942)

If only that camera were focused a hair sharper ...


God Bess America - Bing Crosby

#18 Do I worry - The Ink Spots

#14 You're Looking For Romance - The Ink Spots.

#17 It Makes no Difference Now - Bing Crosby.


Count Basie playing "I Want a Little Girl."

The Playlist

I'm Falling For You - Earl Hines [and His Orchestra]

I Want a Little Girl - Count Basie

What's playing

on the booth jukebox? Can anyone see? It's so tantalizing.

[Click to embiggen. - Dave]

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