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Twin Falls II: 1941

Twin Falls II: 1941

        From start to finish, a life on wheels.

May 1941. "Main street of Twin Falls, Idaho. According to Idaho State Guide (Federal Writers Project), this town has the distinction, unusual in towns in the section, of being planned." Photo by Russell Lee for the FSA. View full size.


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The view is Main Street at Hansen, looking southeast. The remains of the air-conditioned Rogerson Hotel are at the left, the building with the ugly (aluminum?) siding. It was torn down after this Street View was taken in 2012.

Right over there

He said he'd leave the package in a gray Plymouth, or was it a Dodge?

How to include Google Street View in a comment

Dave, it must be frustrating to keep telling people how to include Street View URL links in comments. You did so for me some time ago and I thank you. But the latest time I included such a URL it was just random luck the URL worked. I'd forgotten the trick and had no way to find it.

Perhaps the working trick of referencing Street View could be put at the top of the Comment Guidelines? Or even added as an item in the comment entry form? "Paste a street view URL link"?

[There is no "trick." Simply apply eyeballs and brain to what's in front of your nose. And of course you could always google it! - Dave]

Easier, but ....

This angled parking layout was very popular in the Midwest of my youth, though backing out safely often depended on the restraint of one's fellow motorists as well as one's own lumbar flexibility.

Unfortunately, becoming accustomed to "nose-in" parking while learning to drive often had a deleterious effect on one's ability to parallel park for the driver's license test!

+75 Much lower and much leafier

Main Avenue East has received a good deal of urban forest plantings in the last three-quarters of a century, while the taller buildings have generally lost their upper stories. The Rogerson Hotel building is visible at left; its top story went after a 1935 fire. The entire building was demolished as too far gone to save in 2016, one year after this Google cap.

The Golden Rule in the next block is now a furniture store, and many of the buildings we see have fallen victim to cases of "façade modernization" disease, when they haven't fallen altogether.

[Dear people: Please learn how to embed a google Street View before posting. I'm tired of doing it for you. - Dave]

Dave, the instructions said "links will be converted" and I trusted that. Bad link removed.

Corner of Main Avenue East and Hansen

The air-conditioned Rogerson Hotel on our left was at the north corner of Main Avenue East and Hansen Street East, so this view has us looking southeast.

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