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Fish Fry: 1940

Fish Fry: 1940

1940. "Farm family having Fourth of July fish fry along the Cane River near Natchitoches, Louisiana." Photo by Marion Post Wolcott. View full size.


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Laughs Galore

I've enjoyed Dave's witty commentary for over 8 years, but the reply to Fitz got me really rolling.

Once I got normal again, I went straight to Patreon and signed up. This place is just too great to pass up.

Thanks Dave.

[Thank YOU! - Dave]

Jessica Chastain

Someone’s gotta say it.

Father and daughter

If you look closely at their faces, especially the lines round the mouth, the nose and the head shape, it seems the fellow on the right is her dad. She looks about 17 or 18 years old. Her hands show signs that she has already put in years of work on the farm. I bet they caught the fish from the canal behind them, probably catfish, which with Cajun seasoning is a divine repast.

Keeping it glassy

I love the way she's holding that beautiful glass so delicately, as if she were seated at a sumptuous table in the dining room of a mansion rather than in a humble field. Her handsome male companion has a distinctive everyman quality about him, but she looks as though she could have been a model or a movie star. Fortunately for her, she wasn't.

Missing Sides

I hope there are also hush puppies and grits on the menu, otherwise it can't be a legit fish fry. Points for the cornbread though.

Is That Cornbread?

Yum. If it is, it will be homemade and not out of a packet.

When I first went to dinner at my in-laws' house, they served cornbread, homemade in the oval cast iron pan that allowed for individual cornbread Twinkies shaped goodness. It was made from scratch by my mother-in-law who hailed from Kentucky, and it was the best tasting new thing I had since I arrived in the states.

Now I have a wife who carries on the tradition passed down to the generations of her family.

That Face

Jump ahead 79 years and she'd be on the cover of a magazine.

[Modern Maturity? - Dave]


Wow! I think this one would qualify for inclusion in the "pretty girls" category!

Oh, My!

She's special! And probably a redhead, which makes her even more special.

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