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All the Jars: 1941

All the Jars: 1941

October 1941. Greene County, Georgia. "Canned goods made by Doc and Julia Miller, Farm Security Administration clients with 1,000 jars of fruit, vegetables, etc. they have put up for the winter." Yet another farm family exhausted after indulging the whims of FSA photographer Jack Delano. View full size.


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Reminds me

Of an old joke. A farmer was asked by his city relatives what they did with all the fruit and vegetables they had gathered. The answer is quite puzzling to learners of English! He replied "We eat what we can, and what we can't we can!"

OK, Jack

If you want these jars outside, YOU move them!

Dave's comment is too kind

The more I see of Delano's work here at Shorpy, the more I get bad vibes from him. His editorializing is just a tad ... off.

["Editorializing"? Please explain. - Dave]

Unhappy Family

None of the people in this family looks very happy. Probably because they had to haul all of these jars out for the display and when Mr. Delano was done taking pictures, they had to haul them all back inside.


What purpose could those shelving units / display racks have served other than as props for the photos? The people certainly couldn’t have stored their canned food like that, out in the open, in the sun. Can anyone illuminate?

[The photographer had them move all those jars (and shelves) into the yard for this shot. As implied by the photo caption! - Dave]

I honestly did not believe he would make them go to all that trouble, especially after all the work they'd already done!

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