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Jackson Sevens: 1939

Jackson Sevens: 1939

November 1939. "Gas station in front of old colonial house (306 North State Street). Jackson, Mississippi Delta." The 777 Service Station, pumping Sinclair "H-C" gasoline. Acetate negative by Marion Post Wolcott. View full size.


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The Library in Question

used to be a Sears store. The large, gray disused building on the west side of State Street used to be the library. Furthermore, Jackson is nowhere near the Mississippi Delta.

Dual 777 Stations

The address on N. State must be the Sippiana Succotash station with picture here;

Whereas the link to the 1979 picture provided earlier is definitely the station in the image today. At the corner of Hamilton and Mill St. like the picture says. The Church just east of the station in the 1979 image is still there if you fly in on Google earth.

[You are perhaps confused by the fact that most Sinclair stations of the era used the same design, and so look exactly alike. The house has a sign in the yard that says "306 N. State." The station is at 300 North State. - Dave]


Mill Street or North State Street, the cutoff sign mid-left foreground makes me wish it were Sunset Strip.

No Survivors to This Dispute

Neither the filling station nor the fine old home survive. There is the Eudora Welty Library and a parking lot. Not able to google up the explanation how zoning, bad taste, or a family dispute let this combination happen.

What Google does tell me is that, in 1947, a Sears was built on this site, and that when the Sears closed in the late 80s, it became the Eudora Welty Library.

Long gone

so much for the luck of sevens - both the gas station and the home are long gone, replaced by the Eudora Welty Library.

Now either the Eudora Welty Public Library

Or the parking lot for said library.

At least the library is historically significant, from the time of the Civil Rights movement, where a large sit in originated at the library. The photo in question was probably taken from across the street, in front of the (now gone) 1st Presbyterian Church of Jackson, which closed in 1951, at least per the two historic street markers there.

Changing Times

I think this is more a case of a property owner making the best use of their property as the area around them changes. My scenario is:

Long before 1939 an owner built a large, columned mansion in the country on a large lot or acreage on small hilltop (to catch any breeze).

The neighborhood changes and by 1939 a Sinclair gas station is a profitable option for the corner property upon which the house now sits. I believe this is the station in 1979.

In this photo the house is gone and the small hilltop is leveled. Using the location in this photo of the NE corner of Hamilton and Mill streets you can use Google Maps to see there are railroad tracks nearby to the east. In Shorpy's photo you can see an address 306 for the house. 306 Mill Street puts the house at the correct corner in the 1979 photo. And if you switch to satellite view you can see that immediate area is pretty much industrial now. I suspect the 1939 owners saw it coming.

[As noted in our photo caption, the address of the house is 306 North State Street -- not Mill Street. The service station, whose address was given in the first comment below, was at the corner of North State and Yazoo. - Dave]


The first iteration of the Sinclair dinosaur was apparently an "old colonial house."

Lost Jackson

Sadly, this charming scene from 1939 has been replaced by a sea of faceless warehouses and parking lots.

Spite station

There must be a good story behind this one involving a zoning dispute. This looks to be almost as egregious as the Crocker spite fence!

Case of the spying Sinclair serviceman

This one gave me a little chuckle. Ms. Wolcott probably asked the owner if she could take a photo of his station. Distrustfully, he may have said: "Well, alright. But don't put me in it, I will go inside until you are finished." If he were around today, he might be surprised to see himself through the station window, peering out at the photographic proceedings -- again -- distrustfully.

300 North State

Phone 2-0777

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