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The Smart Set: 1940

The Smart Set: 1940

        Meanwhile, back in the White Mountains, "Birthplace of American Skiing" --

March 1940. "Skiers from Boston relaxing in lodge at North Conway, New Hampshire." Medium format acetate negative by Marion Post Wolcott. View full size.


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Loafers, that is.

Mad for Plaid

Most of them are, anyway, including the sofa. And dig those slipper socks on Miss Chesterfield!

Cigarette Machine

That looks like the same cigarette vending machine as in this Shorpy photo: Ballantine beer is there too.

No pull tabs here

Is the guy on the right holding can opener that opened all those beers? I remember getting sprayed several times before learning the correct way of doing it.

Can Openers

The guy on the right is holding the metal triangle punch that opened these cans of beer. Before the advent of pull tabs, these were a necessity for soft drinks in cans, and those huge cans of tomato juice. I have one that has a bottle cap opener on the other end, and is labelled: "Quick and Easy" CAN AND BOTTLE OPENER. There another one here.

Judging by the floor and clothing

It appears the ashtrays are wherever you flick them. Looks like Miss Chesterfield drank all the beers -- she seems a little bleary singing to a young Jerry Lee Lewis.

BTW love the new format.

Not real skiers

Not a broken or sprained ankle in the lot.

And where is she flicking that Chesterfield? Doesn't look like much room back there for an ashtray.


I count five on the table. Wouldn't drink out of any of them, though.

At least it's not Blatz

The beer of choice is Ballantine's. The three interlocking circles visible on the one can are part of the logo and represent purity, body, and flavor.

Shoes on the table?

Bet you don't do this at home!


I'm dying to know what song they're singing along with from the radio behind them.
Chesterfields with no ashtray? Perish the thought! But then, feet on the table is pretty declasse too. No idea about the drinks, but that table's set for dinner, not breakfast, so these kids are getting ready to eat.

["Radio"? - Dave]

[Whaddya know! Smokerettes! Nevah wooda guessed that.]

Casual Has Its Place

It's very rustic and casual where the group is sitting. I don't even see an ashtray for Miss Chesterfield's cigarette. But look at the dining table -- each place setting includes a bread and butter plate and three spoons. I suspect there will be no elbows on the table there.

Name That Tune!

I do believe these folks are singing.

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