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Team Cadillac: 1927

Team Cadillac: 1927

Here is my colorized version of this Shorpy photo. Seems to me the bathing suits were a little "revealing" for 1927, but I'm sure they sold plenty of Cadillacs because of them. View full size.

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Salute to Diversity

Proves that there was a time when to appear in a automotive spread you didn't have to be under 21, overly bosomed and rail skinny. Each lady has a beauty unique to herself and that car is the cat's pajamas.


... headlights.

Yes, avant garde

To verify this, take a look at pictures of Olympic womens' swimmers from 1912 on and watch the swimsuits change--and the haircuts as well. Remember that in the 1920s, bobbing one's hair was somewhat rebellious for women. See also "Belles on Their Toes" by Frank Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey for a hilarious reference on this one involving their younger sister.

Another neat point of reference is that these lovely young ladies are participating in the huge growth of womens' swimming (and men's) that made the U.S. a dominant power in swimming to this day.

Hubba Hubba 2.0

The young lady on the left fender gets my vote for best legs.


That has long been one of my favorite pictures on Shorpy. The young women are lovely. Your colorizing is superb and it really brings the image to life.

As enchanting as the "radiator ornament" woman is, I'm captivated by the beauty on the bumper.

Spirit of Ecstasy

Even if she’s pretending to be a Rolls Royce hood ornament, the modern girl in the top middle is also a swimmer, so she’s poised to dive in. She is both clever and beautiful.

But let’s not forget the girl upper left. Her hair is positively great and she looks inclined to fun.

Spirited colorization, Bugaboo! The blue of the swimsuits and red of the car are great.


Great job of colorizing this photo!

Hubba Hubba

Ding Ding
(Goes with that era and situation)!

Hood-ornament girl

I remember her from the original B/W photo. She's very modern looking.

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