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The Springwater Bunch: 1910

The Springwater Bunch: 1910

This image was found in a stash of circa 1910 glass negatives from an unknown photographer who lived in Springwater, New York. I know nothing about who's here or why they were gathered in someone's parlor, but I love its Norman Rockwell vibe. Every face looks like one of his subjects. Scanned from a 4x5 inch glass plate. View full size.

1910 Minus 10

Our crowd is wearing clothes that date from 1898 to 1902. This is after ladies stopped wearing giant leg-o'-mutton sleeves but before frilly bodices became passé and the droopy Edwardian look took over.

Tolstoy in Buffalo

It looks like the cast of characters of a classic Russian novel.

A haberdasher's dream

It's a veritable J.C. Penney catalog of the different types of men's shirt collars.

Smart photographer

Someone was smart enough to put the prettiest girl front and center.

The little girl

Fourth from the left front with hair ribbons and plaid dress would have looked perfectly at home in a 1950's photograph.

"Oh-vo-de-oh-do" times are a comin'

Get ready young girls. You grew up seeing your mothers and aunts in layered dresses that covered up everything from their throats to their ankles. When the 1920s come along you'll be doing the Charleston in skimpy flapper outfits that will reveal much more and will surely shock the elders seen in this picture.

Behave Yourselves!

This started out to be a standard 1910 formal photograph with everyone posed so no one is hidden … then it became unexpectedly informal. I am fascinated with the two women who chose to stare at each other rather than the camera. And the man at top-right wearing a hat in someone's parlor -- unthinkable!

In this link there is a photo of a 1906 town picnic in Springwater. Notice how posed everyone is? Click on it to view at full size. I looked and did not recognize anyone in both this and that photograph, but I could be wrong.

An historic moment

This must be when the transition from serious wooden expressions to saying 'cheese' and smiling began.

Staring contest?

I bet there's story about why the two women in the middle right are facing each other.

Amazing Group Photograph

A great bunch of mugs, all seemingly informal poses, wonder what was going on here, in a photo that is so unusual for the times.

Summertime version

... of the Office Xmas party? Well, nothing will ever challenge that pic but this one holds a lot of potential for close inspection and conjecture.

What faces!

Every face of the human condition is exemplified right here -- amazing!!

Probably a family gathering

At least some of these people are related to each other, most notably the Father/Son pair 3rd & 4th from the right, top row.

The 3rd & 4th from the left (top row) look like twin brothers.

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