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Bottlecap Blowup: 1939

Bottlecap Blowup: 1939

March 1939. "Detail of bottle caps decorating abandoned theater. Quemado, Texas." Medium format acetate negative by Russell Lee for the Resettlement Administration. View full size.


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Yes, it does taste different

Soft drinks (like Coca-Cola, etc.) do taste different when bottled in glass as compared to aluminum or plastic. As it was explained to me at a Dr. Pepper convention, the difference has to do with how quickly the product cools to room temperature after being bottled.
And a huge tip-of-the-hat to those bottlers who have returned to producing relatively small batches of their products using cane sugar in recent years. The industry switched to corn syrup decades ago simply because it is cheaper.

Wearing a Pepsi badge

More fun than a kid should have:

1. Carefully dig the cork out of the cap. Don’t break the cork or the fun won’t happen.
2. Position the cap carefully on your t-shirt. Right side up. Not too high or low. Sort of like a sheriff’s badge.
3. Reach up inside the shirt and press the cork back into the cap.
4. Wear it proudly!

Who's got the cork

One of the largest manufacturers of bottle caps at that time was the Crown Cork and Seal Company.

More on cork

I definitely remember cork inside Coke/Pepsi/7-Up bottlecaps at least into the '70s -- I used to try to dig the cork out as a kid too!

Who Knew?

Quemado, Texas was the birthplace of "pop" art?!? Seriously, though, this is a very "cap"-tivating photo! Growing up, I seem to recall cork being used in bottle caps well into the 1970s. I still prefer glass-bottled pop (or soda) to the plastic bottles or aluminum cans used today. Somehow, it just tastes better.


I have a memory of being at my grandparents' house back in the late '50s and seeing cork lined Coke bottle caps there. I can’t remember seeing them anywhere else or if cork had been replaced by then but I well remember being maybe 5-ish and using my fingernails to try to dig out the cork.

Advancing years

I’d forgotten about the cork inside bottle caps.

Better call Saul

Ouch, the sharp edge is facing out, today that would be inviting a lawsuit.

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