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Country Store: 1940

Country Store: 1940

June 1940. "Mr. Keele, merchant and president of the Farm Bureau, in front of the general store. Pie Town, New Mexico." Medium format negative by Russell Lee. View full size.


Seventeen ads for tobacco products

But only two are for “tailor mades.” Folks round those parts chaw plug or leaf, puff a pipe, or roll their own.

Pie Town is still a great place

It's well worth the drive off I-25 in Socorro, past the VLA telescopes, thru Datil (great general store/restaurant), to the Pie-O-Neer cafe, which opens at 11:30 am. Fabulous pie, terrific people! A few old buildings are still standing; don't know if any of them have been shown in this series.

Las Vagas?

That's 281 miles to New Mexico's Las Vegas. Nevada's is 500 miles. But neither is spelled "Vagas," and the longer the drive, the more numb one's vagus.

Country Store colorized

Click here to watch Jordan J. Lloyd colorize the photograph taken a few moments earlier (?), from start to finish. In the past I did some colorizing of Shorpy pictures myself, e.g. this or this, but having seen this pro at work, I think I better quit, or learn it myself of course, I would like to, I admit.

Daniel Fahrenheit's Invention

Mercury reads around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Long pants and long sleeves optional. Hat required.

Going to Fish Creek

There are some misspellings on the sign showing locations in Arizona. McNarry should be McNary, and Miama should be Miami, a copper mining town near Globe. The most interesting is Fish Creek, along Arizona Route 88 (called the Apache Trail) from Apache Junction to the Roosevelt Dam. It's mostly known for the white knuckle drive on a precipitously narrow dirt road down Fish Creek Hill. When I moved to the area 40 years ago, driving down Fish Creek Hill was considered a rite of passage for greenhorns!

Here's a nice picture of the road in the area of Fish Creek:

Open 24 hours?

Where is the door??

[The doors are open. - Dave]

Lowering the Boom

"Dammit Jenkins, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: keep that boom mic OUT of the frame!"

While this is probably just a furtive finial, it's important to keep Jenkins on his toes!

[Or could it be a light bulb? - Dave]


This sure makes me glad I stopped smoking.

Amarrilla by morning

up from Pie Town.

I hope somewhere in the world there are places still this simple and quaint.

Where the sidewalk ends

In a more litigious time, the boards constituting a walkway outside the store would be an ambulance chaser's dream. Have a nice trip! See you next fall. Now lawyer up.

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