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The Spirit of Radio: 1909

"Radio broadcasting (boy with wireless set)." Underwood & Underwood photo. View full size.

"Radio broadcasting (boy with wireless set)." Underwood & Underwood photo. View full size.


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My father's first ham license was issued in 1919. He used to tell me how he made RF coils by wrapping wire around Quaker Oats boxes. Thank you for the photo

Morse code.

Note the telegraph practice set on the desk. 49 years after this photo, I earned my first Ham License. I also went to work on the railroad as a telegrapher, so ended up being proficient in both codes (American Morse, the landline code, as well as International Code on the radio.)

Skip Luke

I'll make the biscuits

From the looks of things, this setup was just to the right of Mama's kitchen worktop. After a particularly strenuous wireless session, Junior could indulge in a hot biscuit with butter and honey.

Charge it!

Check out those batteries. There were crystal sets when I was a kid. They were novelties.

In 2112 the technology will be --

Torches and candles lighting our living spaces. We will go backwards due to the strong elements currently opposing technology and civilization.

Is this the Analog Kid?

This might be the first known photo of him. Perhaps his grandson grew up to be a Digital Man.

Just think --

In 1909 this was cutting-edge technology. Makes you wonder what "cutting edge" will be in 2120.

Midday Programming

He'd have to know Morse code.

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