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Ranges and Latrobes: 1901

Ranges and Latrobes: 1901

Washington, D.C., 1901. "View of 13th Street N.W., west side, looking south from H Street." One-stop shopping for all your cooking and heating needs, as well as a trifecta of sidewalk bread lockers. 5x7 inch glass negative, D.C. Street Survey Collection. View full size.


Fin de siècle fashions

Okay I may be cheating a little with use of that particular fancy French term, this photo having been taken at the beginning of the twentieth century rather than the end of the nineteenth, but I have to say that in movies set at the turn of the century, I've always loved the outfits -- particularly the long gored skirts that swing so beguilingly at the ankles as a lady briskly walks. The fetching lass ambulating down the sidewalk is really working hers.

North Carolina Paleolithic Pickup Trucks

We had two of those two-wheeled carts in my dad’s barn in NE NC till the '90s. Kind of a flatbed of its day. I’m reminded of the small three-cylinder Japanese trucks that have shallow beds with fold-down sides.

Out with the spout

After reading Alex's comment, I want to point out that contrary to what Wicktionary might say, "spout" is in use far beyond the borders of Australia and New Zealand. Generations of school children will tell you about the itsy-bitsy spider that climbs up the waterspout only to be washed out by the rain ... so it climbs up the spout again.

And let me spout off about the oversized teapot that's sticking out over the sidewalk between the first two buildings. It's facing us, and what do we see? The pouring spout, of course.

The Doctor's Latrobe

Picture a Dalek standing in a fireplace. Pretty much what it looks like

Latrobe Definition

la-trōb′, n. a form of stove set into a fireplace, heating the room by radiation, and the rooms above by hot air—from I. Latrobe of Baltimore.

Child's Cigar

Always good to see cigars offered to Children.

Latrobe Followup for Dave

I followed your link in Papa Bear's post and I now know what a Latrobe is.
Do you have any images that show a Latrobe in use in a fireplace?

[Click here! - Dave]

Roofing & Spouting &c.

At first I read "pouting," that didn't make sense, but "spouting" does! Dictionary says it is used in midland U.S. with the meaning of "guttering", Wiktionary thinks it's only used in Australia and New Zealand. Roofing will be clear. A Latrobe I found being a Baltimore Heater. Thanks to Dave's tip to use Wiktionary we now also may know the meaning of the mentioned "ranges," as being a cooking apparatus, or more specifically a large cooking stove with many hotplates. And let there now also be a Baltimore Range! Look below for the 1914 prices.

Ranges & Latrobes

Could someone explain the meaning of those words?

[Click here ! - Dave]

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