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Low Tide: 1913

Low Tide: 1913

"Yale Varsity 4 at boathouse (1913)." As for whatever the coxswain is calling out, you can fill in the blanks in the comments below. 5x7 inch glass negative, Bain News Service. View full size.


Poor choice of words

"I should have been clearer when I asked to see all the Oarsmen and their Cox first thing in the morning."

Modesty? Meh.

Think of this as being slightly overdressed compared to what the lads would have (not) been wearing back then over at the Yale Pool.

International Waters

The 1913 Yale crew team is remembered not because of its record (the Bulldogs continued to lose to Harvard) but because the varsity coach (W. Averell Harriman) and the freshman coach (Dean Acheson) left such an imprint on international relations under Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

Casus Belly

This is probably what started World War I.

Stroke! Stroke!

About all I can come up with for this picture.

"The Dean is Furious. He's Waxing Wroth."

Clearly, the first guy is not Wroth. It's also clear that this is not the Brazilian team.

Showing More Than an Ankle

I never knew people in 1913 dressed so provocatively, even to go out rowing. Not that I'm complaining.

Cox comment

“Fellas, one of you is flying a bit low today, and I don’t mean the socks.”

Coxswain call

“Gentlemen, I respectfully submit that you have forgotten to get dressed this morning.”

Pull! Pull!

" ... up your trunks!!"

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