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Night Game: 1950

June 30, 1950. "Cleveland Municipal Stadium during Cleveland-Detroit night baseball game." Photo by Carl McDow. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Collection. View full size.

June 30, 1950. "Cleveland Municipal Stadium during Cleveland-Detroit night baseball game." Photo by Carl McDow. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Collection. View full size.


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There is no more a "Constitutional right"

to recklessly infect others with a deadly virus, than there is to drive a car while drunk, or to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. "Selfish, whiny babies" is a charitable description of the anti-maskers who are primarily responsible for the deaths of 2,000 Americans a day.

Believe the Science

Thanks Dave for your clarification to KAP about pandemic events then and now. The problem of not believing the truth is a serious one. Did people lose rights after the 1918 pandemic? Gosh don't know what it would have been... Folks, as a physician and a scientist I implore you: Believe the science. Wear your mask. Social distance. As Dr. Fauci has said, I don't know how to make you care about one another.

The view from the front line

My job is to intubate your trachea and breathe for you when you are no longer able to do so yourself. I hope that none of you ever need my services. And I wish that this situation was as simple as allowing you to exercise your "Constitutional rights" but it makes no sense when doing so potentially causes harm to others while benefitting you in no particular way. And as I show up to work each day, all I can do is try my best to protect myself from the selfishness and ignorance of others while keeping the victims alive and hoping to see their recovery. It helps to be able to enjoy Shorpy at the end of the day - thanks Dave! And Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Familiar Names

Box score brings back memories of these guys, all of whom I had in Topps or Bowman's bubble gum cards, sold in packages of five cards plus the gum.

Stunningly beautiful

This image is amazingly beautiful. The lights are liquid, pouring out and washing down on the players.


Concerning One's Rights

I get tears in my eyes when I see people call the efforts to keep the virus from spreading a loss of their rights. Nobody has the right to spread an illness. And if everybody would just wear their masks, observe social distancing, and wash their hands frequently, we might not have strictures about gatherings now, we might not have our hospitals and the healthcare workers strained so badly, and we might not have so many people grieving the loss of friends and loved ones.

I love Shorpy and have done for many years. It is a lovely place to visit, in good times and bad. Yet even here, the horrible division that afflicts this country rears its ugly head. And I get more tears. Everybody, please, just care a little for each other.

Whose House is This?

The last time I checked, this was Dave's house and he didn't ask anyone what they thought about his comment to KAP. The person who needed and received admonishment is KAP, who ridiculously compared a public safety measure to the invasion of fascism and destruction of our Constitution. KAP clearly didn't study history enough to remember that during the Spanish Influenza outbreak it was common for local public health officials to quarantine people in their homes. It was for the public good and the law allowed it. And I've never read that people in quarantine whined about their Constitutional rights being taken away.

You want to talk about taking away our Constitutional rights -- why do we have to wear seatbelts? That really is a matter of personal choice. But we lost that right, not because of fascism, but because of insurance companies. Therefore: insurance companies are destroying the Constitution!


The US has 8.7 times the population of Canada. If we take the number of covid deaths to date in Canada (11,689) and multiply by 8.7, we get the number of deaths the US ought to have had to date: 101,694. But the US has had over twice that number of covid deaths to date: 267,528. I do believe it might be a matter of public measures and committed leadership. The US is an amazing country, but it has dropped the ball on this one.

I agree ...

... with KAP, and I doubly, triply agree with Groucho.

All you have to fear is fear itself

Sorry, Dave. I love the site, but my freedom and liberty is 1000 times more important than your irrational, ignorant fear. It is not selfish to stand against tyranny.

We've known scientifically for 100 years that masks are useless, and we had story after story about the uselessness of masks ... until March, when everything suddenly flipped. Why? Because masks are not about science, they're about social control.

I believe you were formerly part of the major media, so it's not surprising that you don't want to believe that it's completely corrupt and a single-party controlled propaganda machine. Yet, that is the truth.

It's been so long since we've had a full-scale fascist/communist authoritarian attempt at a takeover of power that we think those people just went away. They didn't. We forgot that the normal, historical state of the world is a constant struggle against tyrannical people. The selfish ones are the appeasers.

[Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth ... -- Dave]


Yikes, I didn’t think we’d get into this on Shorpy, but here we are. The view from Canada, where the country is not burning up with covid in the same uncontrolled manner as it is in the US, is that everyone has to buy in to the measures. I don’t like wearing a mask, and I don’t wear one outdoors, but everyone does it indoors in stores and public places, and that’s just the way it is. It’s an all-or-nothing thing, and you need buy-in from everyone. If you want, you can carry on about rights and freedoms all the way to the grave.

Selfish, whiney babies

Dave, I think the "selfish, whiney babies" comment was uncalled for.

I agree with KAP about rights. It's easier to take away rights than it is to get them back again. However, even if I didn't agree with him I wouldn't insult him for it.

Thank You Dave

Dave, you couldn't be more correct with your description of how some American citizens have acted throughout the pandemic. Shameful at best. Like has always been said, "it starts at the top".

Yes Dave you are Right

My Father, a veteran of three wars beginning in Jan 1941, would agree with you Dave. If he taught me one thing it was to sacrifice for the well being of others, even if this meant a temporary suspension of your freedoms, and in thousands upon thousands of cases of service men and women, your very life. America the selfless seems to have become America the selfish.

All That Green!

I grew up in North Central Ohio as a Tribe fan during the late 50's and early 60's. I can clearly remember my first trip to Municipal Stadium, walking up those steps to the inside of the stadium and seeing that incredible green baseball field for the first time in person!

It's past time

Oh to be among the crowd in a major league baseball stadium again on a muggy night, hot dog and frosty Coke in hand, cheering for the boys of summer. Of course I prefer Wrigley Field some 350 miles to the west, but at this point I'd take Detroit at Cleveland and consider myself the luckiest girl on the face of the earth.

A greater America

These people had lived through WWII and the Great Depression and many had survived WWI and the Spanish Influenza. I wonder what they would have thought of their descendants, 70 years later, banning events such as this and even mandating draconian rules about private household behavior because of a virus.

I believe they would have wondered why they fought so hard to keep the Kaiser, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini and their dangerous ideologies out of this country.

[In 1918, during the Spanish Flu epidemic, Major League Baseball cut its season short by a month, with the last game played September 11. Over a dozen college football teams sat out the season. The Stanley Cup finals were canceled. And people didn't complain, because they weren't a bunch of selfish, whiny babies. - Dave]

Sorry Dave, I love this site and you do a great job, but you're wrong on this one. The whiny babies are the ones who are too afraid to defend their Constitutional rights as they continue to disappear day by day. Anyone who believes that what America has been forced to give up in 2020 is all because of a virus is terribly naïve.

[If only you had been there to guide them! - Dave]

Cleveland 11, Detroit 3

There were 50,882 in attendance that night -- a good crowd, but far fewer than the 86,563 who saw the Indians sweep the Yankees in a doubleheader.

That's generally accepted as the record for Major League regular-season games, although the Dodgers, playing in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, had as many as 92,000 fans at the 1959 World Series and 115,300 for an exhibition game against the Red Sox in 2008.

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