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Cookie Monster: 1956

Cookie Monster: 1956

Los Angeles circa 1956. "Creamiest filling of all ... OREO Creme Sandwich." No. 5 in a series of billboard photos from the files of Pacific Outdoor Advertising. View full size.

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The bad seed

Strange iteration of Patty McCormack/Rhoda Penmark to advertise what is basically the best cookie ever invented.

Bad girl

My ex-business partner would amuse herself when things were slow in our studio by taking images like this and flipping the eyes and mouths vertically in Photoshop. This is my quick and lame attempt at that process.

Her best effort was the Little Debbie girl on the snack cake package. The result was scary.

My best one was the woman on the Land O' Lakes package, but I did it by cutting and pasting the knees to replace the package the woman was holding. Epic.

If You're Going to Edit the Cookie Monster Sign ...

I invite you to visit Shorpy's sister site,, where you can find an entire section devoted to Demonic Tots and Deeply Disturbing Cuisine. Caution, some of us might require counselling after the visit:

If she only knew --

That the "creme filling" was mostly Crisco and sugar.

Replace: Creamiest filling of all

With: My precious

Anacin, anyone?

Can't wait till someone swaps the angry Anacin gal with the devilish Oreo girl.

3-D without glasses

Bwana Devil had nothing on this kid.

Oreo uncertainty

I’ve never been able to tell whether Oreo wants us to eat their cookies by biting through all three layers at once or by separating the cookie from the cream to get at the filling first (leaving behind the toothy plow marks).

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