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Hoity-Toidy: 1956

Hoity-Toidy: 1956

Los Angeles circa 1956. Number 7 (with a shout-out to No. 1 and No. 2) in a series of billboard photos from the files of Pacific Outdoor Advertising. View full size.

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Severed Hand

Looks like the local scamps had some fun with the artwork.

My guess on the photo shoot would be; same model taken a few seconds apart, with a touch less key light for the one on the right. The hair and skin highlights are a bit less. Only the right ears show she might have breathed once or twice between shots. Everything else looks dead on, especially the bow to the hair.

[The lady is a painted illustration, not a photograph. - Dave]

Check. I thought photos might have been the base of the reproduction.

Speaking of differences

Notice how much wider a roll of toilet paper was back in those days.

That look when you realize that

Someone forgot to put in a new roll of Double-ply Double-soft Chiffon.

Different personalities?

Somehow the lady on the left seems a little uncertain, like she was talked into this job, while the lady on the right is actually into it, able to show some enthusiasm for bathroom tissue. I remember as a kid thinking it was odd that ladies so nicely dressed and elegant had anything to say about such a product.

Is this one of those 'find the difference' games?

At first I thought the one on the left had eyebrows set at different distances from the centre of her nose. Then I thought I was seeing things.

So I drew a line down the nose (call it the septum datum) and measured. Yup, the distance is not the same.

Now I have to find some way to erase the lines on my screen.

Double what??

Didn't those gals go to work for Doublemint gum too?

They remind me

of the Doublemint Twins!

Do not confuse with the other

I remember the jingle! "If you think it's butter, but it's not, it's Chiffon."

(Wrong product? Same name!)

What was this used for?

I know from watching TV that no one in the 1950's had a Toilet.

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