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Once Bitten: 1942

Once Bitten: 1942

February 1942. Chafee, Missouri. "Father and children waiting to see the doctor. The little girl was bitten by a dog and is to receive anti-hydrophobia injections." Medium format acetate negative by John Vachon for the Office of War Information. View full size.


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Dad seems to me saying, "Look, there's no need to mention this to your mother, right kids?".

There's her coat!

Lying across the arm of the bench behind her Pa.

Poor little girl

I feel sorry for that child. Also, why is she is short sleeves and a short dress when her father and brother are more bundled up?


I wonder if those are the injections through the bellybutton? If they are ... poor kid!

Norman approves!

The photographer has out Rockwelled Rockwell.


Why not bring the dog in to be tested to see if the shots are necessary?

[Because the dog got away? - Dave]

So much to see.

Let's start on the left:

- Blinds which seem to be made from wood and most likely an organic fabric (no metal / plastic and more plastic).
- A very ornate radiator. Hot water central heating, I would wager.
- An ashtray! And not just an ashtray, but a high capacity ashtray with its own stand. I wonder whether it has one of those spinning self sealing lids? I do remember those.
- What seem to be linoleum tiles on the floor.
- The girl is wearing shoes with soles that look like they have been cobbled on, rather than just being glued.

And, the killer app, kids looking into actual books. And not even graphic novels.

Interesting Comparison

The father and brother are wearing winter wear but the poor dog bite victim has only a light dress on.

I feel for her. I was bitten by a stray dog as a kid and underwent the painful rabies shots. Hope things turned out OK for her.

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