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Twelfth and G: 1901

Twelfth and G: 1901

Washington, D.C., circa 1901. "View of G Street N.W., mostly north side, looking west from 12th Street showing Washington Savings Bank on the corner along with other businesses on the block." 5x7 inch glass negative, D.C. Street Survey Collection. View full size.


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Light, Strength, Temperation, Oxygen ...

Rather creepy person that Mr. Albert Webster Edgerly, who founded the Ralston Health Club, if we may believe what is written about him and his ideas here.

On the opposite corner from the Bank

Is that R2-D2 sitting there? Or a near relative of his?

“Center Station”?

The name of the Metro station located at 12th and G is not “Center Station,” it’s “Metro Center.”

What the Hecht, indeed

It is a Macy's store now, but the current building was built by The Hecht Company (Hecht's), a department store chain which began operating in Washington in 1896. It was a family owned company until 1959, when the May Company bought Hecht's. The stores continued to be operated as Hecht's. The May Company was acquired by Federated Department Stores in 2005 and the store was converted to a Macy's. The store is unique in that it was built with its own entrance into Washington's Metro Center subway station.

Take my money, please.

I am openly drooling at the thought of what might be on offer in a 1901 antique dealer's shop.

Talkin' on the phone

Back in the day of wired phones it was known that it was dangerous to talk on the phone during a lightning storm. As can be seen by the tall telephone poles, each carrying 80+ phone lines, lightning striking one of those poles could send jolts of lethal energy directly down the phone lines, injuring anyone unfortunate to be holding their phone at that time!

I love the observations

I am always surprised at what I miss, so thank you if you add to what I can see in the pictures

Ralston Club

Stop in for some Purina.

Curvy ...

I thought the macular degeneration was acting up but it's just a crooked telephone pole.


I like how the telephone poles are slightly askew. Adds character.


Notcom is correct - Washington Savings Bank on the right has been replaced by a Macy's, which takes up the north side of the block to 13th Street. But if you swing Google Street View to your left there is a Chase Bank. The church is gone, but there is another one on the next block west in the same Gothic style, also on the north side of the street. The street trolley is gone, but if you swing to your right, you will see the Center Station Metro stop. I could not, however find any man today wearing a derby nor any woman hitching up her skirt.

Ralston Club

... might have been a better name for this image. I got curious and wondered if it was related to the health regime called Ralstonism.

How very curious that is!

And Notcom - I don't know what the hecht you mean! Maybe I need to look closer ...

[Big building on the corner in the Street View. - Dave]

Short but sweet?

I'm wild about the couple in the foreground, her hitching up her skirts, him staring imperiously at either the camera or the person wielding it. Neither of them can be above five foot two! But he's so dapper and she's so smart. In contrast height-wise, the couple across the street, strolling towards the Elite Laundry carriage, look so tall and effortlessly elegant.

Only the Epiphany still stands

Here it is today.

The same ?? Hecht no !!

Or as it's now known (and loved?): macy*s ... one of their few remaining downtown stores.

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