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Pie Filling: 1940

June 1940. "The gasoline pumps at Pie Town, New Mexico." Medium format acetate negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.

June 1940. "The gasoline pumps at Pie Town, New Mexico." Medium format acetate negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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Reminds me of Jett Rink

Probably not Jett Rink but I bet he knew him.

Car ID

1935 Ford coupe (standard one tail light) 1928 Ford model A sedan. The coupe has had a rough life so far, but the Model A is looking well.

Gas Wasn't Cheap

Twenty cents a gallon for gas may seem cheap, but it's equivalent to about $3.70 a gallon today, about what I paid the last time I filled up.

I wonder how many pieces of pie I could buy for 20 cents back in 1940 Pie Town.


Hard ridden 1935 Ford three-window "standard" coupe. Wartime rubber in high demand, automotive tires in very short supply, bald tires the norm. I recall seeing some snake-wave thread pattern tires on cars during the very early 1950s but don't remember the tire manufacturer's name or logo.

Not just pies but chile too!

You can get great pies, and a great bowl of green chile stew also!

And yes I spelled "chile" correctly!

As seen on "CBS Sunday Morning"

Bill Geist visited Pie Town in 2014. You can watch his segment on YouTube:

Shy Pie

For some reason it feels like the word "pie" doesn't work well as a brand. Like someone else remarked, it's Seinfeldian. No one would seriously build a brand whose most common uses consisted of "American as Apple Pie", "Shut your pie hole", or "cutie pie". It's a nice word, though, and I love pie,(except mincemeat pie, oddly). But somehow the word struggles as a moniker with any meaningful legs in polite society.

Pie Crusty

I think this might be the old gas station. It's on US-60 in Pie Town. But the modern road is now where the row of buildings once stood across the street.

A simpler time

Back when gasoline was sold by the whole cent, without that messy 9/10 tacked on.

Ambidextrous pumps

Remember when hoses on gas pumps were so long you could stretch them across your car like that? Now you always have to remember on which side of the pump you need to park.

What good news!

Glad to hear that the Pie-O-Neer cafe is reopening. We stopped there a few years ago on the way from Colorado to California, and it is certainly worth travelling the back roads instead of the Interstates. Plus, the Very Large Array of radio telescopes is on the way there, if you leave I-25 in Socorro, NM.

That reminds me of a story...

Uncle Ronnie spent his childhood in the Kentucky hills. Once he was old enough, he joined the military as a way to gain job skills and see the world.

One evening the guys in the barracks said, "Let's go into town and get us a pie." Sounded good to Ronnie--he had a sweet tooth, and didn't much care if it was apple, cherry, molasses--his mouth was already watering.

Imagine his disgust when faced with his first pizza. He remained bitter about that till the day he died. He'd have viewed Pietown with the gravest suspicion.

Back to the picture, I hope Cowboy Carl there doesn't get startled or hiccup--he's apt to hurt himself.

I dare you ...

to order anything but pie and see what happens.

Make sure the glass is full before starting fill-up

I remember those pumps.

Wow! I seem to have suddenly become old.

Possible future "Seinfeld" setting

Binge watching "Seinfeld," this would fits right in maybe as a location for Kramer to retire to.

Good news

The Pie-O-Neer Cafe has reopened! The retired owners sold it and helped the new owner (an experienced pie baker) with their recipes. The new owner has introduced one innovation - a pie bar. Like a salad bar, only pie!

Make mine mince

Because as I always say: mince pie, not words. Also because no one else ever wants any and I can have the whole thing.

Acute accent

That is some accent over the E of CAFÉ. It almost functions as an exclamation point.

Café is still open

Although not in the same location, I would guess.

Pie-O-Neer No Mo

Sadly, the famous pie source in Pie Town, the Pie-O-Neer Cafe, closed its doors for good after the coronavirus hit early last year.

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