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South From I: 1901

Washington, D.C., circa 1901. "View of Ninth Street N.W., west side, looking south from I Street." 5x7 inch glass negative, D.C. Street Survey Collection. View full size.

Washington, D.C., circa 1901. "View of Ninth Street N.W., west side, looking south from I Street." 5x7 inch glass negative, D.C. Street Survey Collection. View full size.


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Another wrong quadrant

Kilroy's screen grab shows 8th and I Southwest, not the Northwest intersection in the original 1901 photo. Even city employees can confuse the quadrants, resulting in ambulances being sent to the wrong addresses, miles away.

South from I today

Completely different.

[Because you're in Southwest, not Northwest. - Dave]

Wrong quadrant for Marine Barracks

The Marine Barracks were (and remain) at Eighth & I Streets S.W., not N.W.

Still some awnings and trees

Someone bought the whole block and built apartments over retail. Now it's please stay in the crosswalk and cross with the light.

Ministry of Silly Walks - Prequel

In the current age of prequels, this might be one for Monty Python's 1970 "Ministry of Silly Walks" skit.

Trust, but verify

The sign on the right for Cupid Bouquet cigars--not a product commonly considered conducive to Cupidly canoodling--assures viewers that they are "Not Made by a Trust," apparently declaring their independence of the monopolizing American Tobacco Company. This photo was made 10 years before the US Supreme Court ruled that the company must be broken up; ATC shrank, spinning off Lorillard and Ligggett & Myers, and giving up control of R.J. Reynolds < >. Of course, 1901 also saw the accession of the trust-busting Theodore Roosevelt to the presidency. A lot of history hinted at in one corner of an old photo, eh?

Made of stone

It's amazing that during this exposure, there are two that did not move an inch -- the fellow to the left of the awning with the number 824 and the horse in front of him by the curb.

Circular walking

I've been working on a movement technique so I can look like that when crossing the street, kind of like the "circular breathing" method used by didgeridoo players. I'm thinking it will make me impervious to vehicular traffic (hey, I've never seen Shorpy's ghost pedestrians get injured).

Grandpa would have known this area

One block away would have been the Marine Barracks at Eighth & I Sts. Grandpa had enlisted in the Corps in 1900 at the age of 15. In 1901 he had achieved the rank of "Boy".

[The Barracks are in Southwest, not Northwest. - Dave]

Don't lift that lid !!

I believe the tracks shown in these recent phots are for the electric (conduit) streetcars rather than the cable cars -- the access hatches in the former were more closely spaced (and hadn't DC converted its cable cars already by 1901?)

Going, going, gone

The ghost people are better than usual. The two in the middle appear to be goose stepping or pirouetting or practicing a Vulcan mind-meld wearing nothing but black leotards and the mere suggestion of white shirts, one holding what looks like a garbage can lid ... or a shield. Or maybe a garbage can lid AS a shield. The one on the right is dematerializing in wavy layers. Must've been a really hot day.

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