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Mystery Meat: 1935

Mystery Meat: 1935

August 1935. "Meat testing. Prince George's County, Maryland." 35mm nitrate negative by Carl Mydans for the Resettlement Administration. View full size.


Blindfolded note-making

I wonder if the test was on the participants rather than the stuff on the plate.

How well do these folks find the note paper after ingestion? Do they overwrite their previous notes? How well can they tick the little boxes?

Does Spam taste better if you close your eyes?

Aren't you offered a cigarette

with your blindfold?

Survey says

Tastes like chicken

Still not good

These people were testing vegetarian beef. Predecessor to Beyond Meat, called Not Quite Meat.

No wonder they're blindfolded

Here's what they're eating:

Ben's will win

"Thanks to you all for assisting today. We'll be sampling and judging five chilis from local restaurants. The blindfolds will ensure a fair result.

Now, the five chilis will be from:
Nasty Ed's Chili House in Lanham,
Tommy's Tasty Tureen in Mount Pleasant,
Ben's Chili Bowl from U Street in DC,
Saucy Suzie's Saucy Soupies in Beltsville, and
Maurice's Sedate but Great Chili-Rama in Foggy Bottom.

Once you've cleaned your palates with the apple slices, we'll begin today's taste test!!!"


But, of course, Magritte was Belgian.

Supper time with the Magrittes

The French they are a funny race (or so saith Preston Sturges).

Any way you slice it

I'm guessing the apples are for palate cleansing?

In a world where presentation does not matter

I don't know that I could be persuaded to eat something if I had to be blindfolded first.

Palate cleansers

I assume that’s what the apples are for.

[I always knew JennyPennifer and I were on the same page.]

Please, sir, I want some more.

The person upper left is either doing an Oliver Twist impression or might be getting ready to lick the plate clean, I'm not sure which.

Food Science

They're testing soyburgers 40 years before they were perfected.

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