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Planters' Porch: 1941

Planters' Porch: 1941

September 1941. "Farmer and son, members of the Boundary Farms FSA project. Boundary County, Idaho." Photo by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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Sonny Boy's Boots

The young man's boot is called a "logger heel" design. They are great for forestry or other turf work. They dig in when you lean back or on uneven ground. And the best part is, you don't have to be a logger to buy them. I have some myself.

Relocated for summer time

I remember in the summer time moving Gramaw's potbelly stove out to the porch to give more space in her front room to set her quilt frame up. I wonder if this is why the stove is out on the porch?

Missing Suits

With all due respect to PaulyG, I'll wager the other side of Junior's hat is emblazoned with a heart and a diamond.

Jade in the shade

I'm presuming the parlor stove was temporarily doubling as a decorative outdoor plantstand until winter returned to Idaho.

Never enough plants

I am not good with houseplants, so I appreciate how the two tables on this small, tidy porch support thriving potted plants. It reminds me of the porches of some of my relatives. I guess all the crops in the field aren't enough.

The son on the left is wearing an orthopedic shoe (raised heel) on is left foot. Here is my attempt to embiggen that part of the photo.

Click to embiggen

Out of their element

These gentleman have assumed the appropriate postures, but they don't look like the porch sittin' types in general, and not on this porch, in particular.

[Nevertheless, this is their house. - Dave]

I wasn't making reference to ownership, but rather to aesthetic dissonance, i.e., they looked (to me, at least) out of place in working attire on that cozy, domestic little porch. Or maybe it's just a wardrobe malfunction... mumble, mumble... Note to self: don't argue with Dave.

Zipper pull

Reason #8,374 why I come to Shorpy: I’d forgotten about that short chain and little ring at the end of the zipper.

Another generation before?

The two small designs on the son's hat are the same as two Union Civil War Corps insignia. The trefoil belonged to the 2nd Corps and the acorn belonged to the 14th Corps. Maybe his Grandpas were in those corps.

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