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The Informed Farmer: 1941

The Informed Farmer: 1941

        UPDATE: The address label on that "Silver Screen" in the magazine rack is for a Lee Wagner, not "Wagoner."

November 1941. "Lee Wagoner, Black Canyon Project farmer, at home. Canyon County, Idaho." Medium format negative by Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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A rug on top of a rug

A well-worn chair and hassock.

I wonder why the hassock required a special rug underneath it.

Hi-Ho, the Derry-O!

... and Bill Pullman as Lee Wagner in this week's episode of Farmer in the Dell.

Maybe no one else sees it, but the resemblance jumped off the screen at me and I can't let it go!

The Flapper Wife

Invented by Beatrice Burton Morgan, author of romance novels set in the 20's which used the slang and cultural references of the day. We see a photo of Lee's flapper wife Elva May, born in 1907, wearing her sporty bob from about 1928.

Rocking chair

Just noticed that the chair he’s in has been transformed into a rocking chair.

Shoes in the house

There are many ways to divide up or classify people: like to shake hands / don’t like to shake hands, wear a hat in the winter / don’t wear a hat, drink beer / don’t drink beer, believe in God / don’t believe in God, and, wear shoes in the house / don’t wear shoes in the house. I prefer to leave my shoes in the foyer, and I’ve harangued my fellow householders into compliance on the basis of the argument that what’s on the sidewalk comes into the house on the soles of the shoes, and don’t make me describe what’s on the sidewalk. I make exceptions for guests who prefer to leave their shoes on. Some even detail the reason I wouldn’t want them taking off their shoes. Yes, it has to do with smelly socks.

[When you're a farmer, the boots are on till bedtime. - Dave]

Hmmm, I wonder ...

if those X-ray specs advertised in the back of the magazine really work.

Annoying scrunch

I bet it annoyed his wife that he scrunched up that rug by pushing the hassock forward with his feet right before this photo was taken. It's nice and flat in the previous photo of this guy, in which his wife was also seen.

This photo reminds me

I have adopted the Asian custom of removing my shoes as soon as I enter my house and when entering the home of someone who observes the same custom. It makes a positive difference. I also know nurses who will not wear the shoes they wear at the hospital outside the hospital. Of course, today we are better informed about disease transmission.

Using a link provided by jimboylan, I calculate Lee Wagner was 43 when Russell Lee took these photographs. His wife, Elva, was 34, nine years his junior. They married when she was 19 and their eldest son, Orville was born when she was 21 and Lee was 30. Elva died at the age of 68, four years before Lee died at the age of 80 (according to another link by jimboylan).

And just like that …

… there he is in the 1940 Census, along with wife Elva and sons Orville, 13, Ronald, 8, and Edwin, 7. All have since died.

Here's my dime

I would have picked up that edition of Silver Screen with Dorothy Lamour on the cover (December 1941) to read about The Foibles of the Fabulous Cary Grant.

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