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Box Car: 1940

Box Car: 1940

May 1940. "Outside of the tobacco warehouses in Durham, North Carolina." 35mm nitrate negative by Jack Delano for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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Stealing baby coach wheels

"I whipped out my trusty can of 3-in-1 Oil!!"

Guiders in the Capital

In the Scottish capital (Edinburgh) we call these "guiders"; in Glasgow they're "bogies."

Wide Turns

That box car has a very narrow track - I think it would be a real handful when going around a corner!

Dr. Pepper

They sure like Dr. Pepper at that store. I count at least six signs for it. Nary a Coke sign to be seen, unless I'm missing one. Orange Crush is a distant second.

Stealing the Baby Coach Wheels

I know Bill Cosby is persona non grata these days, but back in the Before Times (the 60's) his story "Go Carts" (from the album Wonderfulness) is perfectly embodied in this picture. I wonder if that's Old Weird Harold, whose go cart had a continental spare on the back!

Rigsbee Riders

As 'Sewickley' correctly notes, only two of the buildings pictured here remain. The Washington Duke Hotel, the other notable structure shown, has been gone 46 years, almost as long as it was around.

It's nice to see a shot in the South that isn't stereotypically the South: these lads could be risking life-and-limb in Anywheresville, USA.

Kids being kids

Give a kid some nails, a hammer, scrap wood, a few old wheels and watch his imagination take over. I know as a kid, we built a few go-carts ... some better then others. We actually made one so we could be in the annual Cockeysville MD parade. Our friends dad, who raced stock cars, helped us with that one--- and he gave us a real steering wheel to use! Even though we had to push it just like the kids in the photo, we had a blast!

Somewhere Near Five Points

The neighborhood is much changed, but the old office building in the background, the Hill Building (1937), remains. Marion Post Wolcott would be here five months later, when she took this Shorpy photo from the Hill Building:

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