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The E-Team: 1960

The E-Team: 1960

Columbus, Georgia, circa 1960. Eufaula (Alabama) at Columbus. It looks to have been a good night for the Tigers. 4x5 acetate negative from the Shorpy News Photo Archive. View full size.


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My guess is that it may be an invitational tournament

but not a state playoff. Eufaula and Columbus are close, but in different states. I believe Eufaula is known for some pretty good basketball teams and players that made their way to Auburn.

[Bracket below! - Dave]

Look at all the Chucks!

It's unanimous. Converse Chuck Taylors were the choice of this team. When I was a kid, they were the best basketball shoe and they cost $6. I still got a worn pair in my closet. I bought them in the '90s, forget what they cost, but the original dark blue color has faded to a nice sky-blue. Time to follow through and go online to buy my next pair -- I'm hoping to get the maroon color. It's spring and time to update the wardrobe a bit.

21 shoes, 10 players.

am I right?

[There are 11 heads visible above 22 shoes that we can see, plus one leg whose sock is visible but whose shoe is not, bringing the total to at least 23 shoes. So there must be one hidden head and two hidden shoes for a total of 12 boys and 24 Chucks. Or, 11 guys and their 22 shoes plus one stray, unoccupied shoe. - Dave]

It's all relative

In 1960 Eufaula, Alabama had a population of 8,357. If these were playoff games being held in Columbus, Georgia, the Tigers may be holding only (I say only) a third-place trophy. You tend not to smile when you go expecting first and end up getting third.

The random player stances caused me to see art. Click to embiggen if you feel the need. And then please answer the question: at right there is a shoe where you see only the laces, no leg. To whom does that shoe belong?

Out of sync

It seems none of the jacket numbers correspond to the jersey numbers.

Where's Gene?

This shot, with the Chuck Taylors, droopy socks and some skinned knees, makes me want to watch "Hoosiers" for the umpteenth time.


"Boys, get on out there and play a good game! And don't forget to hold on to them balls."

Why So Serious?

A good question as they are holding a trophy. Shouldn't they be smiling?

Maybe they are smiling inside.

Movin' on up

We all know the theory that the lengths of women's dresses follow (or lead) the stock market. What might be the significance of basketball shorts? (The 1960 U.S. recession officially ended in November, when basketball season began.)

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