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Red All Over: 1972

Red All Over: 1972

From around 50 years ago comes this uncaptioned News Archive negative that might have been used to illustrate a newspaper feature on trends in Seventies menswear. And what the men swear could curl your hair. But probably not this particular hair. View full size.


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"C'mon Baby Light My Fire"

I remember way back around 1980 driving to work one morning with a lit cigarette in my hand. I was wearing polyester pants at the time. I proceeded to make a big turn with the steering wheel and it knocked the ash off of my cigarette on to my pants. It made a hole so big I had to go back home and change. I do not remember getting burned, though. Yeah, don't miss those times at all.

Ahhh the 70s

The decade of disco, lava lamps, bell bottom pants, platform shoes and the coup de grâce -- the plaid polyester leisure suit, with lapels and neckties wide enough to double as an airplane wing. (NIXON, now more than ever!)

Career Highlights

Sun-In: a product that never should have seen the light of day.

Hey barber

Gimme a Beatle haircut.

I've seen him before!

He's an anchorman on BBC news! I saw him last night!

Fashion forward

I sometimes wonder what fashion choices I'm making now might elicit the same reactions of amusement and derision 50 years from now.

The two women of the 1960s textile industry

Polly and Esther

Waiting Backstage

This time period will never be known for it's its understated elegance but I am glad that we took chances with new products & ideas, even if some were a bit tacky. I think everyone has funny pictures of themselves dressed in similar clothing. Although I can appreciate avant-garde type fashion & enjoy styles from decades gone by, this complete look is too much like a costume. Rather like the pinstripe pants & the tie isn't awful, but both would benefit from a more toned down coat. Big, bold red is great but in smaller doses & more as an accent color piece. The model's hair could have used a better cut with more softness & shorter bangs to show off his expressive brown eyes.

Side curtains

Back in the '70s, before we could grow sideburns, we grew side-curtains instead.

Killer 'do

I think Anton Chigurh's haircut in No Country For Old Men looked more welcoming.

Re: Those pants

I’m guilty of those same pants. In that very year, I went curling at least twice a week in my hometown of Winnipeg (fun fact: it was the city with the greatest number of sheets of ice for curling in the world!), and it was important to have pants that could stretch (no one wore tight jeans, for instance), so I always wore the same pair of grotesquely patterned, 100% polyester, cuffed flare pants. This was common garb. I did not stand out amongst my fellow 14-year-olds. And, I might add, we thought we were cool.


How can that be fifty years ago?!

The hair could be worse

Every piece of clothing you can see on this guy is either polyester or a polyester blend. I remember the initial attraction of polyester -- it was more durable than silk and didn't wrinkle like cotton or wool. You could throw a lot of it in the washing machine. We seemed slow to realize it also had no personality and was really hot because polyester doesn't breathe.

And this very modern, young man is sitting in a Victorian armchair because that somehow gives him more credibility as a reporter?

The hair could be worse. He could have had a mullet.

[Newspapers generally use models, not reporters, to illustrate fashion features. - Dave]

Forgive us

Our past tresses.

[★★★★★ ! - Dave]

Serious comb-over

Tim Roth!

Tie one on

Although in and of itself the hot pink/fuchsia/magenta necktie is all right, I am definitely not digging it with this particular ensemble. But I can appreciate the overall sartorial aesthetic; my husband was wearing a similar outfit when I first clapped eyes on him in February of 1976. He had on similarly patterned polyester slacks (okay they may have been a solid color, black or gray) and a burgundy (to this day he calls that color maroon) single-breasted polyester sports coat complete with goldtone buttons, and a wide tie that was most surely of an appropriate pattern for the times. But his hair was much shorter than that of our subject, and he was significantly prettier. Also the only jewelry he ever wore was his Citadel ring.

Those pants

I had a pair quite like that back in high school circa 1969-70. More brown than those he's wearing. Looking back, they were very ugly but I thought I was pretty stylish at the time.

I like the tie, though. I'd wear it today (if I wore ties, that is).

That’s the '70s I remember

Ugly clothes, and even worse hairstyles.

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