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The Write Stuff: 1966

The Write Stuff: 1966

This just in from the pressroom of the Columbus, Georgia, Ledger-Enquirer: Women's International Bowling Congress Marks 50th Anniversary! 4x5 inch acetate negative from the Shorpy News Photo Archive. View full size.


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Moon Over Parma

I swear that's Drew Carey (the OLD Drew Carey) lurking over the woman's shoulder!

Great Caesar's Ghost

Clark has gained a few pounds; Lois still looks pretty good; and Perry White actually looks younger!

The vice squad

How intentional was this composition? The end vice seems to be making a statement here.

[That thing on the left that squeezes other things is called a vise. Crime, bad habits, etc., are examples of vice. - Dave]

Got here late

Okay, only thing left is "Vise Squad".

Stop the press!

"OK, that looks pretty good. A little more to your left and could you step back just a bit -- "

Vise is nice

To wrangle with all the heavy machinery in the press room, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer appears to have opted for a Reed No. 104, manufactured in Erie, Penn. A Yankee vise, but up to the job.

I think she was from Ohio

I agree, Notcom. The phrase I remember while growing up was women with moist skin were "glowing". In the late 1980s I worked for Watson-Casy Companies in Austin, just before the Savings and Loan industry collapse caused them to also collapse. In their heyday Watson-Casey owned and renovated the historic Littlefield Building at 6th and Congress. Anyway, one summer day a group of women I worked with took their usual walk around downtown at lunch. As they got off the elevator in First City Centre one of them made a comment about breaking a sweat. I corrected her by saying she wasn't sweating, she was glowing. Her response was, "Well, right now I'm glowing like a pig."

Get the lead out

That is one pointy pencil. (I like her brooch, too.)

Insert [insert] here

Given the tabloid format, and the singularity of the coverage, I'm going to throw all caution to the wind and guess they're reading an advertising insert. (And if the presses are running in the background, then Madame's curious look means she's likely thinking "I didn't hear a **** word you just said, suh!" But it's 1966, Southern belles didn't actually mouth those words; nor did they perspire ... triple digit temps, humidity and Yankees be damned.)

The photographer's okay

... it's his 'friend' they got a problem with.

Vise Squad

Second reference to women's bowling in the last ten days. What are the odds?

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

… more about the St. Louis Women's Keg Group.

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