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Brinkley & Huntley: 1960

July 1960. "David Brinkley and Chet Huntley -- NBC convention coverage. From NBC Television Audience Promotion." 4x5 acetate negative from the News Photo Archive. View full size.

July 1960. "David Brinkley and Chet Huntley -- NBC convention coverage. From NBC Television Audience Promotion." 4x5 acetate negative from the News Photo Archive. View full size.


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This is the first election coverage I can remember. I was seven, almost eight, and I really liked JFK. In fact, Nixon campaigned in my neighborhood, and I refused to go over two blocks to see him. As for Huntley-Brinkley, one anchored from Washington and the other from New York. Their "Good night, Chet" and "Good night, David" signoff became a cultural staple. Walter Cronkite on CBS didn't find ratings traction until Huntley retired and broke up the team.

Goodnight, Chet. Goodnight, David

I think it was Brinkley who said he hated that sign-off because it sounded like they were in bed together.


We had real news from real professionals and not editorializing hacks.

Best team ever!

Their pairing during the 1956 elections was a stroke of genius, just like Laurel and Hardy. They played off each other like no other news team. Not only were they outstanding newsmen, but great personalities. Chet was the old-time radio announcer, with a great voice and David was the commentator with a wry sense of humor.

By the way, Chet Huntley had a minor career in movies, mostly as the narrator or announcer in certain scenes, usually off camera. But he was seen as a baseball announcer for games in "The Pride of St. Louis," an old biopic about Dizzy Dean. This was before becoming famous for his news work.

Time Flies

My first thought when I saw him was that it wasn't long ago when This Week With David Brinkley was on. Of course, a Google search reveals it was 25 years ago when Mr. Brinkley signed off of his show for good and nearly 20 years ago when he left us. Fantastic newscaster, and I miss him. I really never got to watch Huntley, as he died when I was 11.

5 pm in b&w

The adults in the house listened to these two guys everyday they were on; one reason was a cousin who was in Nam at the time and the other was just good reporting. And being but a lad at the time I do remember learning at an early age what a C.O.L.A. raise was, hearing them report about it almost daily by a group of unhappy somebodies.

Empty handed

So unusual seeing Chet Huntley's right hand empty. If nothing else was demanding its attention, it typically was holding a cigarette. Huntley was a notorious chain smoker to the point where he even smoked during televised newscasts.

Are you sure

That's not Bob and Ray playing "David Chetley" and "Brink Huntster"?

I hear it still

The Beethoven! Symphony No. 9, 2nd movement. Part of my childhood -- the black and white part.

Forgot to mention: In 2016 I visited David Brinkley's grave at Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Walter Cronkite at CBS always seemed to be the lead dog. However, I grew up with Huntley/Brinkley, and stayed for Chancellor, Brokaw, Williams, and Holt. That's sixty years with NBC.

Being only 3 then

... I was too wrapped up in the politics of hysterically funny, violent 1940s Bugs Bunny cartoons to care about the news.

I was there, 63 years ago

Huntley-Brinkley even made Rocky & Bullwinkle.

When ethics meant something

Please bring back the good old days!

Goodnight Chet

Growing up, they were by far my favorite evening news anchors. They delivered the stories of the day in a way that was always interesting and never dull plus a little wry humor thrown in here and there.

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