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Unboxing Day: 1957

Unboxing Day: 1957

From Columbus, Georgia, circa 1957 comes this News Archive photo of a happy family on moving day. The twins are unpacked, and now all they have to do is find the box Junior is in. (This post brought to you by Loftin's Transfer & Storage.) 4x5 acetate negative. View full size.


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Never too late

I just saw this thread on older parents. I hope you don't mind a little story. My best friend, Phil, was born when his dad was 50 and his mom, 40. He is the miracle baby and an only child. Phil is from an ethnic background that valued large families, and I was always jealous that he had so many cousins near his age to play with. Anyway, you might think with his parents being older that Phil might have been at risk for losing one or both before he got to be old enough to truly enjoy and appreciate them. Well, they both lived into their 90s. Phil got to be with his dad some thirty years longer than I got to be with my own father despite my having been born when dad was 29. Thanks for this thread, and thanks for reading.

Re: Old-ish?

Not that unusual, post WWII. My dad was 58, Mom was 48, and I was 11 when this was taken. Plenty of other kids I knew had parents from that generation.

[Indeed. My grandfather (born in 1874!) was 45 when he married my grandmother in 1919, and was 48 when my mom was born in 1922. - Dave]

A little front porch would be nice

I'm sure it's a very nice house; but I'm not a fan of those front steps. As you carry your Loftin's boxes up the steps you have to stop at least one step down from the top to have enough clearance to swing the screen door open. As you carry your empty Loftin's boxes outside you have to hold the screen door open for at least one step down before it can shut behind you. And either direction, that's if you stand way to the edge of the steps, where there is no handrail.

Never mind the pumps

As kids of the 1950s, my brother and I were into moccasins because of Daniel Boone. Were girls also into the frontier aesthetic?

"Spectator pump"

Good Old Mom ...

... doin' all the heavy Loftin's.

As usual, probably.

Nice-looking onlooker

Anyone who wears spectator pumps on moving day is just that: a spectator.


Are these the parents or grandparents? I’m one to talk, since I didn’t have my first kid till I was 39, but these two elders seem, for the era, a bit old to be the parents of these kids.

Formal unpacking wear

Gotta look your best when mat-knifing the cartons.

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