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Now Pleying: 1956

October 1956. Phenix City, Alabama. "Remodeled Palace Theatre." Me Tarzen, you Jene. (Also: "Praire.") 4x5 inch acetate negative from the Shorpy News Photo Archive. View full size.

October 1956. Phenix City, Alabama. "Remodeled Palace Theatre." Me Tarzen, you Jene. (Also: "Praire.") 4x5 inch acetate negative from the Shorpy News Photo Archive. View full size.


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Smart theatre owner -- booking two low rentals, a 1942 "B" western paired with a recent 1955 "B". Probably shown for a couple of days over the weekend.


When I was a little kid, I thought putting letters on a movie marquee was one of the greatest jobs in the world. As it turned out, not so much ... but I did do a lot of typesetting in the '70s before the Mac came out and killed the profession. (I love Macs! I'm writing this on one! Don't fuss at me!)

Spelling is not what it seems

Sorry, geniuses, but Phenix City, Alabama is spelled without an "o". Of course, I can offer no excuse for the other misspellings.

[That was a joke! One that a lot of you evidently didn't get. - Dave]

>> They can't even spell 'Phoenix'

Shades Of Great Saturday Matinees

I spent many a Saturday with my friends at a similar Palace on Gay and Hoffman Streets in Baltimore.

Two movies sure to attract young boys plus also on the bill two cartoons and of course a serial where you were sure that Flash Gordon or Superman or Zorro or Dick Tracy were in a death trap they could not escape.

Our admission price was 12 cents and penny candy and 5 and 10 cent candy boxes and bars at the concession stand. One usually got at least one Good and Plenty since they lasted longer than a Hershey bar and there were enough of them you could throw a couple at the screen when the hero and the girl started to get mushy.

If you had eaten all of your G&Ps you could always blow into the box and a beautiful high pitch Bronx Jeer would meet the kiss on the screen.

On the way home we always stopped at a corner candy store to get a humongous jaw breakers and suck our way down to the hot tasting center core.

We got all that that entertainment, candy, friendship and grand memories for a thin quarter. Times long gone never to be repeated except in the fond reminisces of a senior who smiles when a youngster asks," 25 cents? What and when could you ever get for 25 cents that was any good, old man?" "Heavenly bliss every Saturday afternoon.", says I.

No need for parking meters now

Dave's comment includes the address of 1513 Fifth Ave for the Palace Theater. Here's that address today on Google Street view.

Marquee Too-Fer

Well, at least they spelled "Praire" correctly. I mean, it's not like they could have looked down from the ladder at the movie poster in the window for a guide (and squeezed an "I" in without running out of room).

The '47 Chevy

says "Me too!"

No surprise

They can't even spell 'Phoenix'

Reminds me of today

Nothing worst then when ur local theater cant even spell the name of the movies heros.


Or, it just goes with "Phenix" ...

Both Sides Now

Correct on the other side of the marquee, so maybe they were running short on vowels:

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