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Smoked Meet: 1968

From sometime around 1968 comes this News Archive snapshot of a cozy kitchen dinner. Raise your hand if you see family here. 4x5 inch acetate negative. View full size.

From sometime around 1968 comes this News Archive snapshot of a cozy kitchen dinner. Raise your hand if you see family here. 4x5 inch acetate negative. View full size.


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Maybe not a patio table

There was a time in the 1960s when people were tired of wooden tables and that style of steel table was offered as an alternative. It didn't catch on very well and soon wooden pedestal tables became in vogue.

Maybe the older man has an ulcer. Milk was being touted as such a cure then that people with severe ulcers were hospitalized and a milk drip went into the stomach 24/7! Or, he could be like me and has had a glass of milk with every meal for the past 75 years.

Now I see it!

Thanks, Dave! I mistook the puss for an empty pet cushion/bed. Hmmm, time to get my eyes examined, perhaps.


That's the color I believe the oven and range hood are. Very nice cabinets. I can picture the blonde (cabinets) and copper color easily. And as always, I wonder what the dog's name was. Alas, it's lost to the ages.

Second pet, Dave?

I see one dark dog near the dinner guest, six "dogs" under the table, and what looks to me like a pet bed between the husband and the wife, but where is the second pet?

[Meow? - Dave]

Assorted beverages

The man on the left is probably drinking coffee and the woman iced tea. The man in the middle appears to have a glass of milk. In 1968 milk is likely what an adult with an ulcer would drink. We know now that, although milk may coat the stomach and soothe in the short run, it also causes the stomach to produce more acid and digestive juices, making the ulcer more painful later. Poor guy.

That HD was not Cumbersome for that Era

I remember when I was a kid in the early to mid 50s my mother's uncle had a Hearing Device that "conveniently" fit in his shirt pocket, it was slightly bigger than a pack of cigarettes, and had a twisted pair of wires connecting to the earpiece in his ear. Now that would qualify as cumbersome.

A bit of this and that

Perhaps the scanty amounts of food are not due to different standards of the time, but to the diners being "of a certain age," to borrow a phrase. A friend and I always dine together. Suddenly one evening we cut well back on amounts of food without discussing it. It wasn't a choice for health or economy, we just couldn't eat nearly as much, all of a sudden, and so our groceries go much further now.

I like the intense look on the face of the man in the oversize suit, although his hands look arthritic. I suspect he could tell some interesting tales. Is he related to the gentleman or to the lady, I wonder.

Does Hubby, the man in the middle, have or suspect he has an ulcer? Many people with ulcers drank milk in hopes of ameliorating their condition. My doctor told me to drink half and half (ugh) for a suspected ulcer, and that was a little before this photo was taken.

They didn't stint on dessert. I count two cake boxes behind the lady. That's a lovely camellia on the table.

A very satisfying photograph to look at.

As was customary for the time, there's an ashtray with cigarette butts on the woman's left side. And, as was also customary, the amount of food they're eating is scanty by today's standards. The woman has on earrings and pearls, yet she's wearing what looks like bedroom slippers. The dog silently observes and is not begging for food.

[We also have a second pet underfoot. - Dave]

Picasso Model

"Three Musicians," obvious from the placement of the dog.

Flooring it

I want only two things: to pet that sweet dog, and to know what is (or was) in that bakery box.

Built-in appliances such as the oven

... had become popular in the 1950s and were ubiquitous by the '60s. The old man probably remembered the '20s and didn't have any beverage with his meal.

[Is that coffee cup empty? - Dave]

Hauling Ash

Gotta love the giant ceramic ashtray on its own metal stand. The convenient handle allows you to easily cart it around the house.

June Cleaver was right!

See, women DID wear dresses and pearls around the house!

Gotta light?

"Why sure Mr. Jones, I'll pass you the ash tray, but you'll have to finish eating everything on your plate!"

Hear! Hear!

... is what the woman is shouting.

As a hearing device (HD) user myself, I can guarantee the one that octogenarian is wearing is very cumbersome to operate.

I much prefer my modern day HD's. Auto level and all! Hear! Hear!

Patio table?

I'll bet there's a hole in the middle of that table for an umbrella. Maybe just temporary while their new kitchen table is on backorder.

Nicro Coffee Pot

I love vacuum coffee makers.

On the burner, to the left, is a Cory Nicro Stainless vacuum coffee pot with the funnel sitting in the (not visible) stand just behind the woman's head.

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