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Fall Colors: 1942

Fall Colors: 1942

October 1942. "Scrap and salvage depot, Butte, Montana." 4x5 inch Kodachrome transparency by Russell Lee for the Office of War Information. View full size.


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Today’s Top 5

I had one 11 years later ...

Me in my Taylor stroller, 1953.

Still available?

Dang! I see just what I need to get that old Plymouth running again.

So many car parts

Middle right is the firewall and cowl of a car. It has an integral gas tank. Model T? Beyond that and to the right is the rear of a sedan. To the left in front of the tree is a stainless steel radiator surround. At the left edge, orange with surface rust and sporting some chrome trim, is a hood or door or ... ? Below that looks kinda like a black fender. Probably more parts to find.


Dashiell Hammett based 'Red Harvest' on events in Butte, which he renamed Personville, aka 'Poisonville'. He had a different sort of contamination in mind, however.


I recognize that stroller/walker with the rattan back and wooden handle. There was a removable handle to allow it to be pushed like a stroller, and with the handle removed, it was a walker. I had one as a tot in the early '50s, and it hung around for quite a while.

One man's junk ...

The site now is probably an upscale housing development. The owners are warned to drink bottled water instead of the 'glowing' tap water.

All metal

Today that heap would be 90% plastic.

Like a Walker Evans

I wonder if Lee was aware of/paying homage to Walker Evans' famous FA photo of Bethlehem, PA, with the cemetery in the foreground and the town in the distance.

Taylor Tot Stroller

for little kids slightly left of front and center in the image. I have a photo of me in one of those a few years later than this image.

Healthiest spot in town ??

That wouldn't be true in most places, of course, but in one of America's most contaminated cities, this location on the southern outskirts of the city (note the MILW Station tower), well removed from the "The Hill" - and presumably out of the direction of the winds that blow therefrom - may be eligible for consideration.

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