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Lena Lochiavo: 1908

Lena Lochiavo: 1908

Cincinnati, August 1908. "Lena Lochiavo, 11 years old, 209 West Sixth Street. Basket [and pretzel] seller at Sixth Street Market in front of saloon entrance." Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine. View full size.


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Lena's Story

I am a direct descendant of Lena's sister, Petrina Loschiavo. Lena and Petrina were the daughters of Italian farmers who immigrated to Louisville, KY and then made their way to Cincinnati. Petrina married John Mercurio, and Lena married his brother Charles. They remained in Cincinnati, where they raised their families. Lena had at least one child: a daughter, Mary, who remained close to her cousin Charles (Petrina's son), who was my grandfather. Thank you for sharing this photograph of one of my ancestors, Dave. It was a joy to find it.

Loschiavo's of NKY

I live in Covington, KY (right across the river from Cincinnati) and right up the hill from me in Park Hills is a small produce market called Loschiavo's. I'll stop by this week and tell them about this photo. Perhaps they'll have some information.

Lena's Life

This is Joe Manning, of the Lewis Hine Project. Lena did not turn out to be Mrs. Lena Morrell, per the obituary I obtained. So I am at a dead end. Per the 1910 census, Lena's last name is Loschiavo, and she lived with Mary, her widowed mother, and Patrina, her 16-year-old sister. Lena was born in Kentucky in 1897 or 1898. Both her parents were born in Italy. If Lena got married before 1920, then she may be listed in other records under her married name. If only I knew what it was. Is there anyone out there near Cincinnati who can look up the marriage records to see if Lena got married?

Man to the left

What is he selling? Bricks? And cones of some sort?

[Cheese, maybe. Bread? Salami? - Dave]


If it is of interest to anyone, "Lo Schiavo" means "the slave." She's probably eating better than she had in the old country and feels like she's been provided with a wonderful opportunity. I hope we find out more about her.

Lena's Life

This is Joe Manning, of the Lewis Hine Project. It appears from census information that Lena's last name was more like Loschiavo, and that she married Patrica Morrell, had at least seven children, and died in Cincinnati on May 20, 1974. This is not a certainty. So I have ordered Lena Morrell's obit from the Cincinnati Library. If I am able to find one of the survivors, and show that person the photo, we may know for sure. Is there anyone in Cincinnati who wants to follow up?

[Lena Morrell born April 6, 1896. - Dave]


I googled her name, and the LOC has another photo of her where she looks much much younger. Maybe not 11, but certainly not 45.

[Coming soon to a photo blog near you! - Dave]

Lena Again

"Aged beyond her years" is putting it mildly! I'm in my 30s and I'd have thought she was older than me by at least a couple of years. Poor kid. It surely can't be all just from sitting there vending on the street---though as a vendor at SF cons I guess I can attest it does wear down the immune system, so maybe doing it every day would make you old...I agree with the second poster, though, I'd love to know more about her.

Basket Girl

Lena looks like she could have been a spitfire. Compared to some of the kids Hine photographed, Lena seems to have a pretty cushy job. And that's not saying a whole lot. I'd love to know her story.


That dear child looks aged beyond her years.

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