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Where Singles Mingle: 1967

Where Singles Mingle: 1967

May 30, 1967. "Luxury apartments for single boys and girls in Los Angeles." Poolside at the South Bay Club Apartments in Torrance on Memorial Day. 35mm negative by Don Ornitz for the Look magazine assignment "Boys and Girls Together." View full size.


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Have you heard Sgt. Pepper?

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album was released four days before the photo was taken. Whether or not the boys and girls have heard the Beatles' new album, they're going to be influenced by it. By this time next year, the guys will have longer hair, sideburns, and maybe mustache. They'll be using less Brylcreem. (I hope the guy in the foreground stays out of the pool, as he'd leave a sheen of oil.) The plaid shirts and pants will be fewer. I'll leave it to someone else to explain the concurrent changes in women's (or girls') fashions.

Nike Cigarettes

Phil Knight must have smoked Newports.

Parted ways

I don't think you call it a group of boys with that many come-overs.

[Is a "come-over" anything like a come-on? - Dave]

I knew that looked odd - thanks. I'm sure the boys with comb-overs issued many come-overs.

Sadly, It Didn’t Last

The scene, I mean, not the building.

I went to high school a couple of blocks away, and this was one of the places where the “Apartment Kids” lived. (It was a heavily single-family neighborhood at the time.)

My buddies and I (and my kids, too, later) taught ourselves to ride skateboards on the round walking path at the park adjacent to the buildings across Anza Avenue.

It’s a largely South Asian (Indian) community in those buildings today.

"Boys and Girls" ??

Average age appears to be about 35.

What do you bet

they flicked cigarette butts into the pool.

Wild and Reckless

Cigarettes, matchbooks with strikers on front, and certainly not wearing proper sunblock (this was the age of Coppertone tanning lotion). My wife and I were dating in May 1967 in a car that had no seatbelts. It's a wonder we have survived.

All the necessities

L.A. Times, a pack of Newports, coffee and booze.

Unsettling —

Folks appear to be in advanced age for that type of group mingling.

Let me demonstrate

My Vulcan nerve pinch

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