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Lady of Larkspur: 1955

Lady of Larkspur: 1955

Frances Dorsey "Fanny" Cagwin, along with her husband George, were our neighbors in Larkspur, California, where they'd lived since 1905. Frances had been a school teacher in Virginia City, Nevada when she met George, and they married in 1887 at Carson City, where he was employed at the U.S. Mint. She was an accomplished musician, and in the living room of their Craftsman style home could be found a gleaming Steinway rosewood square grand piano. A wedding gift of her father to her mother, it had made the trip from New York by ship around Cape Horn to San Francisco, then by horse-drawn freight over the Sierras to Virginia City. Follow the link in George's name to see him and get a glimpse of his eventful life. Frances died in 1958 at the age of 92, and George in 1959 at 102. My big brother, then in high school and doing gardening work and errand-running for the Cagwins, took this Ansco Color slide with his then-new Leidolf Lordox 24x36 35mm camera. View full size.

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Fanny looks young for her age

In 1955, she would have been 89 and certainly doesn't look 89! Fanny definitely looks to have been a fascinating lady with a life to match. I love how people dressed in the 1950's and everybody dressed up to go anywhere. Thank you tterrace for sharing such a great photo. I wondered where you had been and good to see you posting photos again!

Lovely neighbors

Tterrace, your brother's photo turned out much better than one I tried to take of our neighbor, Mrs. Laughlin, who lived across the graded dirt road from our family farm in Callahan, Florida.

I was about 12 and had the use of my my dad's Signet 80 for the summer of 1964. You wouldn't think I could mess up the focus using a rangefinder, but I managed it!

Ours was a different experience

Frances Dorsey "Fanny" Cagwin is charming. The photograph is beautiful. It's a blessing when neighbors get along so well. When I was in second grade, my family moved into a neighborhood that had better proximity to schools. Our house was on a corner, so we really had only one next door neighbor. Our introduction to that neighbor was when the man of the house showed my father where the property line was. The relationship deteriorated from there.

Memories Of My Gran

My grandmother Nellie looks just like this lady and lived to the same age. She and her husband Tom met on a boat to Australia in the 1900's and married out there where he was a ranch hand (a cowboy for all intents and purposes).

In 1984 my grandparents came over here to visit my American bride and myself when she was 90. Someone asked Nellie how the flight was (she had never flown on a plane until then) and she said "Well! Once you are up there you can't get down"

My grandparents died within a few hours of each other, and when Nellie heard that Tom died, she said to the nurse "Well! That's it then. Time for me to go". She fell asleep that night and never awoke.

That was her amazing life just like Fanny.

A good life

emanates from this woman. I hope her husband's survival of her death was not unduly painful.

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