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Candlelight Inn: 1951

Candlelight Inn: 1951

January 18, 1951. "Patricia Murphy's Candlelight Inn restaurant. Manhasset, Long Island, New York. Garden Room." This was one of several Candlelight Inns operated by New York restaurateur Patricia Murphy (1905-1979), whose culinary trademark was the freshly baked popover. 4x5 inch acetate negative by Gottscho-Schleisner. View full size.


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Space Restricted

This restaurant needs either fewer tables or more floor space.

It would feel very claustrophobic being crammed in like that, not to mention as Patterdale points out, it would be a waiter's nightmare navigating that maze of tables and chairs.

On the plus side, excellent architecture and fittings. And those prices; always wonder how businesses made money on those tiny prices.

Apparently popovers were more popular than I had imagined

Popovers and Candlelight: Patricia Murphy and the Rise and Fall of a Restaurant Empire (Excelsior Editions) Paperback – November 1, 2018
by Marcia Biederman (Author)

Standard Fare

The menu of the Westchester restaurant, about eight years later. Service charge of 75 cents for children not having regular meal.

Riparian Entertainments

Were not enjoyed here; it was my family's go-to on Sundays after Mass. Great food & service -- no river, though.

My favorite Hyacinth line

"Am I serious? I would not be speaking to you on a Slimline phone and surrounded by some very expensive wallpaper if I weren't serious."

Crease & Desist

I don't think Hyacinth would approve of the fold on those napkins.

Maybe you have to ask for one

In response to Patterdale, I notice, looking down the room, the tables are staggered. You could back your chair out without hitting a chair behind you. This would also give waitstaff enough room to maneuver, although they'd have to zigzag.

I like the light fixtures and think fans in the dormer windows is a smart idea.

It's interesting that, with all the tables so uniform, the candlesticks were not. Maybe there was a shortage and you had to ask for a lit candle. In 50 years, there'd be a candle on every table ... battery powered.

Keeping Up

If you attend a Candlelight Supper, you may later be invited for Riparian Entertainments.

Candlelight Inn Supper

Oooh a candlelight supper. Will there be riparian entertainments as well?

[Riparian? - Dave]


I wonder how the heck the waitpeople managed to maneuver in between these ridiculously close tables. I wonder why the Candlelight restaurant doesn't have candles on each table.

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