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Cat, Cadillac: 1959

May 1959. New York. "Cat on sidewalk." 35mm negative by Angelo Rizzuto. View full size.

May 1959. New York. "Cat on sidewalk." 35mm negative by Angelo Rizzuto. View full size.


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1954 Oldsmobile

... parked behind it! Both have modern high-powered V-8's with Hydra-Matic transmission standard equipment on 98's and all 1953 Cadillacs, unless the Caddy had the misfortune to have been built in August after the fire that destroyed the brand new plant in Livonia, Michigan, and used Buick's Dynaflow for the rest of the year.

NYCats in 2023


New York cats are a little tougher and have more attitude. This one here is Exhibit A.


Clearly, that car uses Esso gasoline (Exxon these days) -- it's got a Tiger in the Tank!


When I see these pics of stray cats from sixty years ago, all I want to do is rescue them. Completely irrational on my part, of course. I have plenty of modern-day rescues lying here and there around the house. It's just that I know it likely didn't end well for these poor, long-departed cats.

Marked Catillac

My domain, trespassing felines be warned!


Mr. Kitty has just come out from under his 1953 Cadillac DeVille to attend to his brokerage account at Merill Lynch.

[DeVilles were hardtops. Kitty's Caddy is a Series 62 convertible. - Dave]


Mr. Rizzuto did like his cats! Here's an interesting book review with some good background.

Skirt chaser?

Looks like an early '50s Cadillac to me.

[1953. - Dave]

No cat allergies here

Angelo Rizzuto was a cat person, as evidenced by the above photo of a tabby and this photo from October 1958, a year earlier of a tuxedo cat. The 1958 photo location was identified as around Eighth Avenue and 34th Street. I looked around there for buildings with arched windows, as in the background here, but did not find them.

Go Ahead, Make My Day.

Eleven pounds of pure fury. Tough little animals.

Still Around

I've seen that cat - he still hangs around that same area!

Just Chuckling

I'm chuckling to myself that, here I am commenting on what is essentially a picture of a cat (and thinking how cat memes of a more recent vintage have commanded such large swaths of public attention), and yet the recent Shorpy photos featuring the African American soldiers are getting less attention from commenters. Silly me.

Don't Mess With Me!

"or I will scratch that camera right out of your hands"

Said Garfield menacingly.

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