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Bar Car: 1955

September 1955. Lloyd's Neck, Long Island, New York. "Arden field trials for spaniels." 35mm Kodachrome by Toni Frissell for the Sports Illustrated assignment "Sporting Look: Field Trip at Marshall Field's Long Island Estate near Cold Spring Harbor." View full size.

September 1955. Lloyd's Neck, Long Island, New York. "Arden field trials for spaniels." 35mm Kodachrome by Toni Frissell for the Sports Illustrated assignment "Sporting Look: Field Trip at Marshall Field's Long Island Estate near Cold Spring Harbor." View full size.


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Today’s Top 5

My mistake.

Read? Yes. The article? No ... I based my postings on the bar car picture and missed the 'read article here' Begging for a thousand pardons Dave.

Black and White Scotch whisky

Makes sense to drink that for people who like dogs.

Shooting involved

The dogs were retrieving birds shot down to order. I did enjoy reading this for the colorfulness of the language and for the emphasis on testing the dog: “The dog stopped instantly, dropping to his haunches, and sat marking the game bird’s flight, every muscle aquiver with intense eagerness. ‘Ride it out,’ signaled the judge, and the gunner held his fire in recognition of the request for a ‘long fall.’ At the crack of the gun, the pen-raised bird crumpled and slanted down into the high cover which bordered the woods, foretelling the difficult retrieving task for which the judge had hoped.”

What could go wrong?

Guns, alcohol, cars (and tobacco, besides)- what could go wrong? Fortunately, this was Long Island, not Harlan County, Kentucky.

I beg to differ Dave …

No firearms no hunting license visible. Any responsible hunter does NOT mix alcohol and ammunition.

[Can you not read? Can you not see the photos accompanying the article about this event? Hello?? - Dave]

It's Field Trials for spaniels

For all you people saying firearms and guns what can go wrong. It's just field trials on pointing out ring neck pheasants for hunting dogs. There are NO firearms involved at this event.

[Um, no. Field trials involve shooting and retrieving. - Dave]

SI in the 1950s - Documenting a different world

Sports Illustrated used to cover hunting and card playing (a lot). Watching others play sports was a much smaller part of life back in the day, it would seem.

Top of the Line DeSoto

The bar-car is a 1955 DeSoto Fireflite.

The Fireflite was introduced in 1955 to be the premium DeSoto model. The model was built until 1960 when the DeSoto brand was discontinued by Chrysler Corporation.

[We actually can't be sure what model this is. The script next to the taillight says "PowerFlite," the name of DeSoto's automatic transmission. - Dave]


One of the largest (1700+ acres) of the Gilded Age Long Island estates, Caumsett (as the Marshall Field estate was known) is now a state park occupying a third of Lloyd Neck:

Now part of Caumsett state park

I grew up less than 5 miles from here. The Marshall Field estate house is now part of Caumsett State Park. It's a nice place for a walk.

The License Plate

In those days, New York State would issue new license plates, with new numbers, to each vehicle every two years. The color scheme would be reversed, so one year you'd have orange ("gold") plates with black numbers, which would be replaced by black plates with orange numbers. It was a real pain having to change those plates and send the old ones in (the screws tended to rust badly), so by the mid-'60s the state began issuing stickers, and you would put them on the old rear plate. You weren't supposed to turn in your plates until they became unreadable.

Ain't no party like a Lloyd's Neck party

Guns, cars, and alcohol. What could go wrong?

Park Here

Six years later this Marshall Field estate became a New York State Park. It is called Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve.

What can go wrong with an Old Fashioned?

Just press the button marked B for Booze.

Booze in the Trunk

My uncle had a little liquor suitcase like that, about half that size. When I would travel with his family, he wold pull it out in the hotel room and make himself a martini or two (or three). It had all the ingredients and a shaker too. His brother, my father, didn't drink, probably because of his older brother's booze fueled escapades when they were younger.

Bar Car

A 1955 DeSoto is bringing up the rear with the good stuff! Booze, cigars, cigarettes, cars (and maybe some guns). What can possibly go wrong?


Movie I think of re this scene is "Man's Favorite Sport" with Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss.

Car bottle

My dad always kept a car bottle in the trunk, and I now do, as well. But neither of us had a setup like this!

Non-Bar Car

Leading the way is a green and white 1954 Buick.

Action, please

This could easily be a still from a forgotten comedy with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. In one second, Rock and his friend, played by Tony Randall, will enter the frame and a wacky situation will develop quickly.

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