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Albuquerque: 1943

February 1943. "Albuquerque, New Mexico. Central Avenue and Fourth Street." Acetate negative by John Collier for the Office of War Information. View full size.

February 1943. "Albuquerque, New Mexico. Central Avenue and Fourth Street." Acetate negative by John Collier for the Office of War Information. View full size.


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As an Albuquerque resident, I wish the downtown was still as vibrant as it is in this photo. Fortunately, the KIMO Theatre is still there and presenting plays and concerts. Unfortunately, Skip Maisel's Indian Curios closed several years ago. I treasure the jewelry I purchased there over the years. Fine craftsmanship. Thanks for this glimpse into the past.

Two sizes up

Little Missy who is enjoying watching the roughhousing boys so much is going to need a new coat by next winter. She's well fixed for boots, though.

The Lady in Black

Although she seems to disapprove of the boys' antics, her companion, Cowgirl Carrie, looks rather amused by them.

Indian Curios

Maisel's Indian Trading Post opened in 1939 on Route 66 and lasted eighty years. The photos below show its heyday and diminished later years. There are still plenty of souvenir shops (Indian curios, yes, and also the Breaking Bad Store); but you should check out the Indian Pueblo Store owned and operated by the nineteen Pueblo tribes.

Love all that neon

I can only imagine what that Indian Curios sign looks like at night. It's a beautiful piece of work.

Central Avenue is part of Route 66

Or was.


Below is the same view from July of 2015.

The Most Beautiful Girl ...

63 years ago we were following Route 66 heading east on leave and we stopped in Albuquerque for a bite to eat. The waitress we had was one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen in person and today she is still in the top 3. She was about my age (21), long curly red hair, green eyes, shapely form from head to toe and the best part was the warm friendly smile she gave to three travelling sailors.

I was smitten and if I hadn't been heading home to ask my girl there to marry me I might have stayed in Albuquerque to pursue this vision of Irish beauty, Riona. I ate slowly to prolong my time there so much my two travelling buddies said to eat up or we are going to leave me here. I was torn between this lady and the lady I did know and love in Baltimore.

Common sense did finally prevail and I headed back east to my Dorothy to get engaged to one of the other top three beauties in my life. We had a good life together but once in a while I would lean back in my easy chair, smile and pull up the memory of my short time with Riona.

Damned Kids!

Says the lady in black.

Follow the rabbit

Didn’t Bugs Bunny forget to turn left at Albuquerque?

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