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Barchet, Navy: 1922

Barchet, Navy: 1922

"Barchet, fullback, Navy, 1922." Steve Barchet, backfield star of the Naval Academy in Annapolis. View full size. National Photo Company Collection.


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Admiral/Doctor Steve Barchet

I couldn't help but notice that one of the above comments was posted by the granddaughter of Admiral Steve Barchet. I got to know her father during the Vietnam War. Then U.S. Navy LCDR Steve Barchet served as the commander of a small team of U.S. Navy health care providers that was attached to the provincial hospital located at Hoi An, South Vietnam. The team did especially laudatory work in upgrading the skills of the Vietnamese medical staff and in treating Vietnamese civilians, usually the poorest of the poor and many of them victims of the war. I wrote a book about my experiences as the Senior Medical Advisor in I Corps, the upper five provinces of the country, and Dr. Barchet and his team are highlighted in several places. They did amazing work. Should you wish to read the book here's the link to it on Amazon.

Looking for family member of Barchet

I found a photo of "Captain S G Barchet" behind a print. It is stamped an Official US Navy photo on the back. I would love to reunite this photo with his family members.

Looks and intelligence

Apparently the man had the whole package. Impressive.

Steve Barchet

I happen to be the granddaughter of this very handsome young man. I never knew him personally as I was only 4 when he died, however it is my understanding that he was a very kind and compassionate man. His name plaque is among the Thompson Trophy winners wall at the US Naval Academy. Yes, he became Admiral Stephen Barchet, as did his son. His daughter, who is so dear and sweet, kind and compassionate, was truly blessed with his personality. I am the daughter of Admiral/Dr Barchet. I would love to know who has this picture and where it came from.

[It's part of the National Photo Company archive at the Library of Congress. - Dave]

The "Eyes" Have It

What a beautiful man...with piercing eyes.

Steve B.

What a small world this is...

You said "His most recent project is Health Plan for Life (HP4Life), a model form of health coverage that is consumer-driven..."

A good friend of mine (Harry Jasper) recently started one of the Plans through the Garfield County Hospital in Pomeroy, Wash., and is now in the process of expanding it into a larger section of Eastern Washington State.

I'll have to ask him how much he knows of Barchet.

John (who hopes he can pass the math test down below!)

Stephen George Barchet

Stephen was born Stephen George Barchet to parents George Edward Barchet and Mathilde Hedwig Grossert who had a relationship (prior to marrying George) with Mackenzie King - former Prime Minister of Canada. George and Matilda lived on a Farm called Bellefield or Belfield Farm in St Margarets, Annapolis.

Stephen George was born 04 Apr 1901 and died 30 Nov 1964. The photo above of him his awesome. I only have his Navy photo. I have been researching the Barchet family history for some time.

He married Louise Elizabeth Lankford who died 18 May 1981.

He did have a son named Stephen Barchet, this is the article that I found on his son (I have no idea now where I got it from).

Stephen Barchet was only twelve years old when he decided to become a doctor. His older sister had just given birth and wailing in pain, a scene that left young Steve crying in his room. It was at that moment that he decided to become an Obstetrician- Gynecologist, or OB-GYN. “She was crying something terrible afterwards and I said “That should not be, that should not be” Barchet explains.

Growing up on the East Coast, Barchet attended medical school in Maryland and joined the Navy as an OBGYN. He delivered babies all across the world, with tours in both Italy and Vietnam and later served in various executive positions, tallying more than twenty-seven years of active military service.

It was while he was an officer on the East Coast that he first got involved in health care reform. His academieian mind went to work when, in 1975, he received an insurance statement and check in the mail. As he recalls, he was a preferred subscriber under the mutual insurance company known as USAA. “Here in the mail comes a rebate saying “You’ve been a USAA member for such and such a time and periodically, the monies that we make as part of our profit goes into each subscribers’ individual savings account.” Barchet read the letter and thought, “Why not create the same type of thing for health insurance, in the event that people were more aware of the use of health care services.”

Following this revelation, his interest in the concept of medical savings accounts (MSAs) began to blossom. Barchet’s interest in health care economies and policy continued over the years, even though he officially retired in 1983. He relocated
to the West Coast and took a smattering of economic and related courses at the University of Washington. “I learned enough health care economics to become dangerous.” he admits with a chuckle.

In recent years Barchet has published original research on MSAs, worked with the Legislature, and members of the U.S. Congress on the issue, and he spearheaded work on a defined contribution primer for employers which was published by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation.

His most recent project is Health Plan for Life (HP4Life), a model form of health coverage that is consumer-driven and employs the use of preventative measures to improve health status and curb rising health care costs. He is currently working on models for pilot projects in Washington State.

When reminiscing about how he first got into medicine, Dr. Barchet admits rather wistfully, “It was a very idealistic approach that brought me into medicine, and yes I miss it.”

Dr. Barchet lives in Issaquah.

Kelly Anderson

A whole life

Interesting to see him so young and very vibrant, full of energy--and then read his whole life story, uncovered by ever-alert and curious Shorpy commenters . Thanks. This guy was HOT.

Stephen G. Barchet

A little Googling indicates that Stephen G. Barchet enlisted in the US Naval Academy (more accurately, was appointed to it) in 1919 which would make him a Second Class Midshipman at the time of this photo. He played fullback on the football team. In 1939 he was appointed to command the submarine USS Argonaut, which was then configured as a minelaying sub. He was in command of Argonaut on December 7, 1941 when the ship made the first submerged approach of the war against two Japanese destroyers shelling Midway Island. Barchet apparently retired as a Rear Admiral in 1954 in what is known as a "tombstone promotion" which I gather means a promotion at the end of one's career where you get the retirement pay of the higher rank in return for retiring. He died in 1964 at age 63 and is buried at the US Naval Academy cemetery in Annapolis Maryland.

Interestingly, in looking for "our" Stephen Barchet, I kept running into references to a Rear Admiral Stephen Barchet M.D. a Vietnam veteran who was the former deputy Surgeon General of the US Navy. His son perhaps?

Rear Admiral, USN

Stephen G. Barchet, U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1924, went on to a fairly distinguished Navy career with several submarine assignments during WW II. He retired with a "tombstone" promotion to rear admiral and is buried at the USNA cemetery, next to his wife Louise.

Denny Gill
Chugiak, Alaska

Squeaky clean

His hair looks nice and squeaky clean. Don't ask why I had to point that out.

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