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Catch of the Day: 1908

June 11, 1908. "A day's catch at Big Lagoon." View full size. U.S. Copyright Ofc.

June 11, 1908. "A day's catch at Big Lagoon." View full size. U.S. Copyright Ofc.


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The White Steamer

Comedian Jay Leno happens to own one of those cars.

In this youtube video he shows off his 1907 White Steamer, explains how it works and take us along for a ride.

This just in

This comes from a publication in Humboldt County, California. " A day's catch of Humboldt trout, June 1908. Casey Caldwell, Les Poland, Kenny Fenton and Cub Young with their 1904 White touring car. "

[Excellent find! What's the name and date of the publication? Was that a caption for this photo?- tterrace]

The Humboldt Historian newsletter, Spring 2009. And yes, that was a caption on the bottom of the photo.

[Thank you! - tterrace]

Fish fry

I hope they had a way to get all of that fish eaten! Maybe they were headed to a big fish fry or barbecue. Maybe they smoked them. I don't think there were any freezers yet, and they wouldn't have kept very long in a ice box (of which it would have taken several to put them all in).

White steamer

The car is a 1907 30 hp Model G White steamer or a 1908 Model K. They are basically the same in appearance.

Valve stems?

Can anyone tell me what the small valve stem looking objects are in-between some of the wheel spokes? Are they valve stems?

[They're clamps holding the tire on the rim. See this thread. - Dave]

Steamy Photo!

Yes - the "S" on the sweater is correct - the photo is not reversed. The car certainly looks like a White Steamer - Dave is right (as usual) about the radiator cap. Amazing how similar these car bodies were - check out the 1907 Caddy Model G here.

White Steamer

Sorry, my error. Not a Vauxhall, but a White Steamer.

1910 car in 1908 photo?

Doubt it. Check out the 1906 Cadillacs, models G and H. Note the distinctive headlamp outline - and the split front seat. The site I found depicts these models as right-hand steering, making me wonder if the photo is reversed.

[Is the S on the jacket reversed? Also wouldn't a Cadillac (or any other non-steam car) have a radiator cap? - Dave]

Vauxhall Motors

This car is a Vauxhall, maybe 1910. Vauxhall Motors is a UK car company, characterised by its sporting models before WW1. In 1925, Vauxhall was bought by GM.

Bigger Lagoon

Well, Mr. slr in tx, if a catadromous eel swam downstream to spawn and passed an anadromous salmon swimming upstream, I'd guess you'd win the dictionary lottery.

Goober Pea

Big Lagoon

Man, I love that word anadromous, and when I get to use it in a sentence, it pretty much makes my day, maybe even my week. Catadromous, however, I have never been able to successfully work into a conversation. Sure, I know once anadromous is out there, catadramous could stroll right on in, but that'd be kinda cheating.

Boustrophedon is another particular favorite.


Whatever car it is, these young men are probably from relatively affluent circumstances. In 1908, cars were for the wealthy, no? My guess: Cadillac.

The Car

Any one have a guess or know for sure what it is?

[Troutmobile, with Body by Fisher. - Dave]

Big Lagoon, California

Going by the trees in the background I'd venture the location portrayed is at Big Lagoon, Humboldt County, California. The link provided states that Central California Coastal Coho Salmon, Northern California Steelhead Rainbow Trout, and the Tidewater Goby are native fish species. Draw your own conclusions.

Big Lagoon

Gooberpea is right about the big ones being steelhead, and the smaller fish are trout. The trees appear to be redwoods along California's north coast. Perhaps "Big Lagoon" is just that; a place called Big Lagoon just north of Trinidad and Patrick's Point about 25 miles north of Eureka on Hwy 101. Could the "S" sweater be Stanford?

Creatures from the Big Lagoon

The larger fish could be steelhead (anadromous rainbow trout) if Big Lagoon had an outlet to the sea.

I would love to see the tackle used to land these fish - any other photos from this feshing expedition, Dave?

[This is all there is. - Dave]


Looks like trout.

Lotsa fish!

Wow, think they may be a tad over their limit? Anyone know what kind of fish they caught?

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