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Aeronautic Girls: 1929

Aeronautic Girls: 1929

September 9, 1929. "Girls of Aeronautic Division, Department of Commerce." View full size. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.


"One of These Things is Not Like The Others..."

"One of these things is not quite the same."

The girl on the right is an exotic-looking hottie.
Gina or Sophia, before they existed.

To be fair, DC was so danged hot and especially HUMID in those days, that I'm surprised they could look this good. Their pin curls are totally trashed yet she still looks fantastic.

By the way, in case you were wondering, that IS J. Edgar Hoover second fom left.

Just sayin'.

Savory Airator

Per Jim Chestnut that is a Savory Airator, also referred to as a "nice old banker's fan".

From another site: "The idea was that this design or style blade configuration would be less apt to blow your important papers off of your desk. I t would work in that capacity, and it would certainly circulate the air in a stuffy office, but the reality is it just pushed out less air in different directions than a typical style fixed or oscillating fan from the same time period."

Calm before the Storm

This photo was made shortly before the stock market crash of 1929, which ushered in the Great Depression. I hope they were able to keep their government jobs.

You're right.

The gal on the right looks absolutely modern! And while this lineup may not be the most glamorous crew, they all look smart and all have Killer Gams.

The Lady on the Right

The lady on the right (our right) looks like she could walk into an office today and not look out of place. Well maybe not an office, most folks in offices today don't dress that well, be she sure could pass at a party.



And is that some sort globe-shaped fan on the desk behind Ms. Bed Head on the left?

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