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Time to Boil the Diapers: 1943

Time to Boil the Diapers: 1943

December 1943. "Lynn Massman, wife of a second class petty officer who is studying in Washington, does the washing every morning." View full size. Medium-format negative by Esther Bubley for the Office of War Information.


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That's a big camera flash...

...would've loved to see the baby's expression after the bulb went off. At least he's got clean diapers lined up.

You know, I don't think kids just walk off tables. They have the instinct, you know, to not jump off a cliff and all that.

[Esther Bubley used floodlights, not flashbulbs, for illumination in these photos. - Dave]

Baby in Peril

There are so many baby-hazards in that kitchen I can't believe the kid lived at all...the cord, the kid on the table......

[And yet the lady had eight kids. And ran for the state Senate in Montana! What did she know that we don't? - Dave]


My kid would have rolled off the table the second I walked away.


That's an awful lot of steel wool.

Makes you think...

I wonder where that baby is now ... makes you think about that kind of thing. Thank you!

[Joey died eight years ago. Read the comments here for more info. - Dave]

You're putting those on me?!

The look on the baby's face says it all ... "You're doing WHAT to my diapers!!!???"


Man may work from sun to sun,
But woman’s work is never done.

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