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Save That Fat: 1942

Save That Fat: 1942

June 1942. "Why greases must be saved. A soldier of the home front -- and there's one in every American kitchen -- saves all waste fats and greases so that they can be processed into ammunition for America's soldiers on the battlefronts. Pan and broiler drippings, deep fats, renderings from bacon rinds: These are some of the fats which should be put through a strainer to remove meat scraps and other solids, and poured into wide-mouthed cans such as coffee or fat cans." 4x5 safety negative by Ann Rosener for the Office of War Information. View full size.


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My mother still does this!

Automat Fat

The Automat used to have these table placards with a cute little saying on it about saving fat for the war effort. I have one. When I get home, I'll copy it here for you all and snap a picture of it too.

Useful leftover lipids...

Maybe not for the war effort...

But some folks do use old cooking oil as "biodiesel" in cars that have a diesel engine.

And to keep this historic, when the allies blockaded fuel from Germany during WW2, the nazis did start to use biodiesel for some of their machinery.

That's amazing!

Is there still value to our leftover lipids these days, I wonder...

That's why Grandma...

...saved drippings. Wow, this site helps me better understand who she was. If only she were still alive to discuss. Also looked into how fat was used in ammunition and came across this Disney cartoon from 1942:

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